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Palmyra temple with Mary Jane

We are going on a road trip to the temple and to Connecticut. We discovered her passport had expired and decided on swimming and lying on our chairs.

But then to our surprise he let us in anyway!! Never even asked about our oranges and other stuff.

So we drove to I had to lie on our chairs. So I timed ten minutes and it took two to set up the chairs, one to put them away Ndvwe completely relaxed for seven!

It was an awesome rest. Mj drove after that the rest of the hour and s half.

we played in the marsh woods at the balsam Cove.

My tweets


My tweets

Cleaning out the pond

This is the 'before' picture of the surface of the pond.

t looks clean now though. Willem and I paddles around a lot scooping up floating algae on the surface. I don't think we've cleaned it in awhile.

Cedar bark hat

This is the goal.

I went over to Ankaret's around 11 and we made 1/4" strips with her Jerry's Stripper.

Pip sent her the dimensions for the hat, so we worked away at making the right number of pieces.

some needed to be narrow for twining.

We made molds for the top of the hat.
She went in for luvch and a nap so I started weaving the top I went home when I'd made the 5" base. I didn't know how to make the top of it round when it was made with crossed stakes.

Rebuilt W. H. I. Bridge

I haven't been down to the alders lately, as it's too painful that Va and Bo aren't going to be living down there.

I had to face it and get over it though. So I went down and walked along the stream and inspected the ten new trees the stream people planted.

Then I sat in the fern chair on the bridge and decided to take it apart and redo it.

I had my handy impact drill and deck screws in the car so took out the screws and removed the boards. The beans were too close together so I moved them and puts board under each end.

The beams were heavy but it was so lovely working there that I didn't mind. I had to remove all the screws on many of the boards as they were just too close together.

I felt great when it was done!


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