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Nice day

I went over to see the grandchildren this morning!

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Full pain free day

I thought I was in too much pain and too exhausted to get up and go to church this morning. I just wanted to lie in bed. But I got up and did my exercises and got all ready to leave. I was even done on time. I knew I'd feel better as the day went on, so I went.

I was able to leave the room at church and go for a stroll down the hall a few times to loosen myself up. Pain management, eh! Anyway, it was a good day at church today. I felt the Holy Spirit very strongly in the meetings.

I was quite glad to be there and partake of the sacrament. I've noticed my moods lately and see where I could make some improvements. It's nice to know what to repent for. I think sometimes I just get so complacent that I don't notice when I'm sinful. Willem is so good to help me all the time. He's a wonderful man!

We went to see Abe afterwards. We went out for some food with him. He was glad to see us, but quite content to stay in town and just visit for a little while. I couldn't make the drive twice!

We were out all day. I drove for us most of the way cos Willem was quite tired. That was fine. There were interesting talks on, on CBC. The sun was huge as it set. Then the sunset spread across the sky. Yellow towards the sunset and purple red on the eastern sky.

I walked around the house a few times on the deck. I realized that I can reach one of the 8 spruce trees at the corner of the perennial slope garden. It is a tree with Christmas lights on since a couple of years ago. I could perhaps even plug that one tree in! What a thought.

Further south of here it's like spring. The snow banks are melting and the grass and wet earth are beginning to appear. It's going to be mild all week this week! Every day that it's mild is a day we can't have -30 weather! One less day of winter temperatures!

I put some salt down on the large areas of ice where the roof melt lands, and the eaveless roof leaves water runoff on the deck. I'll have to figure that out in the future one day!

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Productive creative day

I went for a walk on the balcony and filled up the two huge bird feeders that are on the railings. I sat on the walker and scooped the seeds out with my birchbark oblong pencil basket. The feeders sure are heavy when they are full. The seeds have a lot of chaff in the bag. I'm amazed at how many weed seeds are in the bag as well!

I cleaned up around my blue chair and the little tables alongside. I swept into the dustpan without bending over. My trash had been overflowing, so I tidied that all up.

I put five bins away that were out behind the couch and stacked the.bins higher. That cleared a lot of room out!

I started filming and got into cleaning and rearranging the looms. I found the perfect spot for a view out into Cedar Hillside and Deer Meadow above it.

Willem did the fire, packed up a bit of trash and helped me go along with him to the dump. I even went inside the reuse centre! It was awesome to see a few people there!

We found a pair of skis! I'm still planning how to turn my walker into an all terrain vehicle.

I went around the wrap around deck a few times. I sat and watched the squirrels that live on the hillsides. It was fascinating! I filmed it, too.

I came in and looked at the view from the south corner of the house in the new entranceroom kitchen extension. It's wonderful! I wondered if I could position a chair upstairs looking at that same view!

I came upstairs and worked on the view and stuff placement. I turned Willem's chair alongside the window where the view is better! He didn't like that one little bit, but it really was good to sit in it for a few minutes and enjoy the view!

I thought about learning new things, like the Chief's Daughter's Urn basket. Or maybe knitting a new stitch or brushing up on Cable stitches and kitchener stitches.

Willem read me three chapters of Harry Potter book 4, The Goblet of Fire. I knitted, did sudoku, watched a BBC pole to pole documentary. It was quite interesting how they can boil down all the really cool stuff on the plant to a few extraudinary race winners. Who migrates farthest, the largest bird group migrating, etc. A bit about the polar bear, but what about a whole episode on polar bears?

We went out and went for a few laps around the house on the deck. The moon is pretty big, waning gibbeous or something. From the shady deck, it looks like it's rising over Three Birches hillside.

Willem came with me, shadowing me around. He's so nice to hover over me. What a kind man I have. I love hearing him play the piano. He played it while I walked around the house this morning.

I've only done my exercises...twice? I think so. I have to do them again. My knees are getting bad. I'm not sure what to do about that. Is that just regular arthritis pain or are my knees getting too much exercise with all the exercises I do. Perhaps they are too much and I should be building up to them.

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Good morning

I stayed in bed till the sun rose.

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Iced in, darning heels

I can't believe I didn't journal for the past two days at all and for the day before much. I've been inside most of the day. The lane was glare ice. The deck path didn't have any snow on it anymore so I did walk around the house a few times. Five times I think. I'm not altogether sure.

I spent some time this morning hanging out with Scarlett and Bo. They left and I went upstairs. I didn't do much of anything. I did watch a bit of Netflix and knit. Oh, this morning I repaired a sock heel. I knitted a new heel. That worked well. First I spun the yarn so it was much stronger than it was before when I was knitting with it.

Scarlett suggested solid wood floor, like my grandmother's. From a local sawmill. So we decided we'd do it in the new room for a floor. Dale built the insides of the window frames and the trim onto the windows. He painted them white.

Trevor drywalled the small upstairs bedroom wall. He did a nice job of it. They also moved some of Dale's tools out to his car. So nice some of them are leaving! I'm quite tired of the constant construction, even yet!

It rained today and was quite dreary outside. I wanted to go see Alida this morning, then I wanted to go to Mera, but it was too icy to even consider taking the car out. Willem went to town however.


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