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Day 16, Hip replacement post op

I have been sitting in the big room today. I didn't get up till 11, then decided to switch my medications. The physio therapist came over but didn't change my bandage or take it of. He wanted me to see a nurse.

I watched ArmGeddon, hooked a bit on my algae leaves, knitted and ate some good food.

I did my exercises three times.

I took a shower tonight then took off my bandage. I have some cream to take away the pain in my hip.


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Up and dressed

I got tired of being in bed. So I am in the chickadee handfeeding chair. It's quite dreary and drab out there. There is rain in the forecast a bit. The ground is speckled with dark and white.

It's day 14. I'm amazed at how well my leg exercises are making my leg work!

Desmond has a bad cold, parents have the flu, Maya is very healthy and happy.

I'm shadowing Willem again. He came gown to light the fire and to do a puzzle while he waits. He's so content.

The wind is blowing outside while the fire is crackling in the stove.

Willem went upstairs and I put a bag of frozen veggies, a can of cream of mushroom soup and some water into the crock pot. I do love soupy things!

The missionaries are coming over around 2,30. The electrician is due around noonish. Dale didn't come today.

I didn't take any hydromorphone. And five hours between doses of the Tylenol/trendol. Tomorrow I'll. post it up a bit. My pain had gone away only. Because of v the pills, it because of the healtong. I'm only two weeks into it.

Day 13 caution gross photo

I didn't even wake up till 10. I shadowed Willem again today, this time when he went downstairs to light the fire. I went after him and sat in the chair and knitted. This is another pair of Red Sox. I finished then pair I started before my operation.

I chatted with Virginia and Elijah online for a while. Then Mary and Mary Jane later.

Willem played a new piece he had lost years ago. It's a very pretty piece. It's rather difficult for him now. He played a few different pieces for me today. I don't generally here the whole piece together anymore. So it's nice when he does that especially for me instead of practicing. I really like having him play in the background. It's the background music of my life.

I got tired of being downstairs, so came up around 230. I went right to sleep. At 4 o'clock we made it into town to have my bandaGE changed.

I think that was the steri strips on the incision.

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