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Sleep study overnight

She woke me up at 5 and I slept in the car out front for and hour, drove homeward and slept by a river for another hour. Then got home about 7:45am.

Relaxing day st home & Lidas.

Mj left in the morning. We all played in my room for a little while.

Mike had problems with the fan lights flashing. He wanted the bedroom craft room emptied out do he could work on the power on the wall.

Mary helped me out with moving stuff out. Dale had me hold a piece of drywall.

Mary and I went to see Alida and babies. Was so much fun. Desmond jumped for joy when I arrived. A singular experience.

We stayed for lunch and had a wonderful time with them. Mary had a nice visit with Alida too.

We napped by the stream for a couple of hours then studied the scriptures for a few minutes.

We went out for dinner this evening. Twas so nice by the lake.

Wonderful Sunday

Aug 28, 2016

Wonderful Sunday morning.

Goshen chapel
Canton chapel
Stake conference
Hartford temple topic
Visit Hartford temple

Mary packing
Rest area walk and rest in antigravity chairs.
Expired passport
'To get Mary'
Ivy Lee Campground st Lawrence River
New room lights and visit with mary and Maryjane

My tweets


My tweets

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Ten minute rest

As we were driving i got tired of hip pain and stopped ay a text area.  Pulled out the antigravity chairs and we rested.  2 min to setup, one minute to take down, seven to completely relax!  Twas awesome. 

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