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Morning pages

I got myself organized this morning. I went through all my email and deleted some and archived many and even answered some. I just realize people for writing to me with email. I like using email! I haven't used it for a very very long time. I have so much junk mail that arrives, and notifications from YouTube for subscribers that I don't really get to see what's in my email for me.

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Enjoying my day

Hey so much like driving along and dictating onto my journal.

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Gananoaqway is a beautiful place

I'm really amazed at how beautiful Gantanol Cue is.

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A day out

It's been very cloudy some of the time, a lot of the time. We have had some beautiful blue sky days lately. So I decided I would go across the border today, maybe go eat at Olive Garden in Watertown New York. That sounds nice. I love their salads.

I've been driving very slow

Morning pages

I think I would like to do something different today.

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Watching scandal

I've spent the last evening or to watching a YouTube TV show, scandal. I don't think I've ever heard of it before, but I watched it. I was surprised at how little the amount of violence was, but as usual, they made up for it was sex. I would fast-forward through those situations, missing. whatever was said.

Anyway, I enjoyed watching when I was watching, but now as I think back on it, I think I wasted a lot of time.

Deer in the forest

I was waking up and sitting in my chair when I saw movement in the forest outside the window!

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I went to the exercise class nearby. I don't usually go over there, but I thought I should try because Ankaret goes. I was a little bit early so I talk to the lady in charge. She explained the exercises and wasn't sure how much of it I would be able to participate in. After the class she said she was surprised at how much I had been able to do. I hadmy walker. I suppose that made her think I might be extremely handicapped. Well I guess I am.


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