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Touring with Desmond

I picked him up early and we went up. Is it Daniel. Then we went to visit with Zane.

We had a great time and he was home by 6!

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What I did today

9am Snowplowed the moat, one lap
10-12 Choir at Mera. Stood, sat in my walker, walked, was in agony.
12-2 Bad mood, drove, came back
Meds kicked in.
Sat in their room with Scarlet and Bo.
We had a great talk. She's made it into such a nice inviting room now!

Scarlett, Bo and I walked around the moat. The snowplowing wasn['t very good, so it was difficult to push the walker around the moat. I had to keep stopping to rest and took some more medication. I stopped three times I think. They were both cold and wanted to hurry me up, but I was just going to sit and enjoy the scenery and the place until I felt no more pain in my back, the way I usually do it!

It was very painful to get up and move along with them. It was far more work than it should have been, as I was pushing my walker through snow. That was no fun! I am grateful that willem will stand around and wait for me. it doesnt usually take me so long to recover, though. I prefer to walk there alone, then I can just take my time and enjoy it all!

6 pm
They all left for the house inspection talk at the chapel. I was in way too much pain for that! I went upstairs.

Thank you for the light fixtures that give off so much light!
I pray in the celestial room, what is different about praying here?
In the temple I expect to receive revelation, but not so much otherwise. ONe was conversations outside the temple, but two way conversations in the temple. Expecting an answer is the basis for getting one!

I went downstairs for awhile, ate a bagle, wandered a bit and sat in the living room for awhile alone.

I came back upstairs and wathed Gilmore Girls and Bones, an episode each.

It's good to write it all down. I'm not using my walker without wheels anymore. (Which was stupid seeing how much pain I was in that day!)

8:41, they're still gone to the chapel.
The stairs are very hard today cos of my knees.

9:33, no pain! Finally. I felt mellow and sleepy.

10:30 pm
My meds wore off. SCarlett came up and we hung out in the sitting room upstairs talking.

10:41 pm Ate lots of oranges. I feel like my stomach is full of juice. I'm now eating sunflower seeds, trying to eat them without my teeth in.

Willem's reading harry potter to me.

11:06pm I'm falling asleep knitting a pair of burgundy knee socks.
I had a very hard time getting comfortable to sleep so i took some more medication and it took away the pain. I'm still working on adjusting the dosage so it works on the pain right away and stays gone awhile.

I'm so glad Scarlett insisted I write in my journal and get on top of things and focus my thoughts.

I get lost in trying to remember the combinations of herbs. So I'll be writing it down in the little booklet and journaling about it in this one.


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Morning pages

I got myself organized this morning. I went through all my email and deleted some and archived many and even answered some. I just realize people for writing to me with email. I like using email! I haven't used it for a very very long time. I have so much junk mail that arrives, and notifications from YouTube for subscribers that I don't really get to see what's in my email for me.

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Enjoying my day

Hey so much like driving along and dictating onto my journal.

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