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Cozy in my crafty living room upstairs

Yummy salad, Darla DelGesu's comforter, my electric chair, reading Flash and Bones. Good book. Spraying ice spray on my neck and back made me quite cold. Plus the kayaking and measuring the width of the moat and getting wet with that icy water.

Measuring the moat

With the very long tape measure, Willem held the end and I held the reel.

Willem drew the number of feet on the sandy surface of the road.

The moat ranges from 16' to 30' wide. It is widest on the corners.

The kayak didn't want to help me cozy up to the black packed earthen cliff of the island. I'd find a root or stick to hold onto and pull myself I and hold the white tape measure up to the bank, then read off the number for Willem.

I was surprised how much wider it is than I'd thought.

I'm trying to figure out where the bridge should go across. There are a few places where the slope is gradual into the water. The big butt end of the cedar tree trunks could lay on a spot lower than the surface oh the road, then lay aceiss the moat to the top of the mounds of soil.

New balcony

Dale made the triangles to support the balcony on the roof yesterday and the day before.

Today he and Tony it them up on the roof and screwed them down through ice and water shield.

They will work together tomorrow at putting the deck boards on it.

Cleaning and sorting.

I looked for the hookrafting cutter bug can't find it. Maybe I gave it away. I can't imagine doing that, though.

I don't have any use where it may be.

Picking up trash

Willem was so good to pick up trash all around the shady deck and my studio. It's looks so much better without all of those colours on the forested valley side.

I went with him holding the bag and pointed out all the things that I wanted him to pick up. It was great because he didn't miss anything.

There is still trash in the valley beyond my studio, but he ran out of steam.

I had hooked up the blower and blown all the leaves off the deck and out of the entrance room.

It's 60' long now and oh so beautiful and wide!

I wouldn't let him cut down the elm tree.

toward the yard

t's awesome that it now extends to the end of the trance room.

Frank brought a load of firewood and stacked it up in the new woodshed, too.

Abes new place

I tried to sleep in cos I was up till after 1, but that didn't work.

Tony was here to finish the deck along the lane side of the new entrance room.

We headed to see Abe in the hospital and to take him to the place where he is going to live. It was an orientation for him. They will happily give him his cigarettes every day until he can control how many he smokes a day.

He really likes his new room and its location. He is quite happy to get to live there. He can afford it.l, but they have no wifi so he will wLk to Timmys and use the wifi there or at the library.
He has a covered place to smoke outside and can make his meals. They eat together sometimes.

They also have rehab there for getting clean! And people to talk to about it all.

He asked to go back to the hospital after awhile, which was good that he feels secure with a sense of belonging. I'm glad he is content. So glad.

I get quite frustrated around him. He We bought him another lighter and took him back for his lunch. He kept asking me to buy him a cord for his radio player.

I guess Dale broke the end of the antenna off it.

I'm so blessed that he is finally launching!! It's awesome that he's been safe and clean in the hospital for so many weeks now!

House changes

Tony and Doug have been extending the deck around the addition today.

Dale is building triangles that will be the structure to support the deck on the roof. It's going to be a balcony for the new upstairs room.


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