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It's been a lovely day today. I'm glad I'm in my chair with my legs up and relaxing at long last. I'm ready to fall asleep and really not too interested i writing in my journal, but I will.

I'm in my room, with ten lights on dim. I love it like this! It's like candlelight, but without the fire or the fumes or the expense! The woodstove is burning downstairs, so it's quite nice in here.

I have been weaving a new tea towel as of yesterday.

It was 20" long after sitting there when I got home from our road trip to Sherry's funeral in Connecticut. Today I wove another three inches or so while Desmond was here with me. He wanted to turn the handle on the bobbin winder, so I let him. He sat on the tippy weaving stool of my Grandma Myrtle's. He turned the handle forward while I fed the thread yarn onto it, but then he unwound it. So I had to quickly remove the bobbin and turn it around while he changed back and forth with his turning.

I enjoyed playing with him. He's such a nice little fellow! I brought up the green glider last evening, so Desmond sat on there while he told Siri to open the fast trains on youtube videos.

He likes to play with the three toys I bought near thanksgiving. It's nice to have him content in here in the new big room. It's an incredible room! There is so much to do in here! There's enough to keep several people busy all the time! :)

We played in the pottery studio. There's nothing in there yet, still waiting for power and then to insulate and seal it all up.

Desmond went to the bottom level door and knocked. I opened it up and he came in, went up the stairs and to the next level, then to the top level and out the opening. He was so much fun to watch. He collected stones outside and handed them to me.

I figured out how the windows go in and put them in the holes to the best of my ability, then put little strips of wood in to hold them in place. So now the only thing open is the top level which has no door yet.

I'm not sure how they will insulate the ceiling, as there aren't real beams up there. I need to get a post to support the heavy wood up above, so it won't crack my windows.

I took Desmond home by about six this evening. He went to the playground structure to play, but I said Mommy had dinner ready so we needed to go home. He was hungry, eventhough he'd been eating the cashews at home. He didn't want to go, but I told him I would be in the car, so he came over in a few minutes.

I love that he has such a good time here! I just have such fun with him.

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I just wove 20" on a new tea towel. Pink purple and yellow stripes!

I finished the green one first. Felt good to weave. I needed to do something after all that sitting in the car driving home from Connecticut with MAryjane.

Freezing feet

I think I was cold on my feet all night!

We're going home today. Skipping church so we can make it.

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Antiques and estate sale

We drove through the mountains and took photos.

Reception at Geer

It was wonderful to sit by my dear sister. What lovely food and great. Conversation'

Sherry's Funeral reunion

We were all there today! Sally was the minister. All the cousins except Gary and Charles were there.

It was so sad for the Randys. I Ioved the stories of her life. It was such an early untimely death, at 61, though.

I got to visit with people that I don't really know well.

It was nice to hear that I look like Mom!


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