Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Changes in life

Change happens every day. Fruit ripens, children grow, people get older and retire then get older with sickness and disease. Arthritis sets in and worsens over time. Joints wear into groups of misfitting parts. Summer becomes autumn then winter then spring. What we did before will never be the same when we do it again. Each garden has different plants, rows, bugs, diseases. Apples grow one year and the next aren't quite the same as they were last time.

Change is often difficult. Comfort zones are where we feel safe. Status Quo. We create our worlds in our houses. When change is difficult, we say we are having a hard time, or a trial. When change is easy, we say we are going on holiday, or things are improving. But it's all change. Our relationships change. We get to know each other better and understand more of what the dynamics are. It can be a bit bumpy, but all relationships take work.

I think all change is a bit painful, but then is great. I am feeling a bit lost. Lost in space and time. I'm not sure what I am supposed to be doing with my life. There's not a lot to do. Well, isn't there? There are as many things to do, but not much of it is outside. I miss sitting outside. I dumped snow out of a hammock today. I think I'm getting a bit of homesickness for sunshine and warmth outside and freedom to move around.

Today the porcupine is back, not in a house, but on that same branch. He feels comfortable there. He has been elsewhere for a few weeks. it's nice to see him again, back on his same fabourite branch. Or my favourite branch he sits on!
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