Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

What I did today

Got up around dawn. Did a few exercises, not all of them.

snow blew Molly's end of lane area and two swipes down, and the exit mound

8:25 am
Blew around the moat. Stopped thrice for awhile. Made three videos while sitting. I forget that I'm o a walk and just think I'm enjoying nature.

Watched the sunrise.

Came home

made split pea soup with carrots, onions and potatoes. Later added some bags of frozen vegetables and relaxed upstairs

Shoveled the balcony then Willem came and did it. Discovered grey tabby cat.

Willem read HP to me twice.

Scarlett came up for a short visit before they went out

On Grandma's loom Threaded some heddles with the Traditional Birds Eye Waffle pattern.

Went out on the deck and moved the old cupboards. Cleaned out my favourite deck spot in the woods.

Snow blew the deck several times to get rid of the roof snow on my path. I also cleaned out and emptied the shady deck hammock in maple cove and made a new spot to sit near the corner of the house looking overlooking Hilltop Deer Cafe.

Came in. Willem wanted to go to appliance stores. I said we needed to shop online. So we looked for a combo washer dryer in one, non vented, condensing. The prices are all over the map from 900 to 3300.

Willem read HP to me while I uploaded videos and journaled.

Saw a deer on the Way and Beyond hillside walking through the trees.

Had huge sausage rolls and blueberries with whip on top for dinner.

Willem read Harry Potter to me again while I did sudoku and tried to pay attention properly.
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