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Playing Grandma again of two of our grandchildren

I was about to head down to the moat for a walk with Willem on the lane he'd finished plowing for me when I rushed up to spend time with my friend who was due to come over any minute. He had gone back down and plowed it.

My daughter messaged and invited me over. How nice that was! Willem was finding the keys so we could drive to Fiddlehead Lane and then walk from there. As we headed down the hill, I realized that I hadn't told him that our destination had changed. No shortage of surprises! That's Nancy.

Little Desmond was glad to see me, then looked around me and saw Opa, who he was really glad to see. Little Maya has a wonderful little personality now! And a tooth that's named Lady Godiva. She's so sweet. I just love holding her and 'speaking' her language.

It was great to see everybody. I'd not been over there in several days. When Alida writes a three letter word on the chalkboard, Desmond says it. He can read! He's only three in a month. Imagine.
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