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What I did today

Sometimes when I sit to write in my journal, I'm overwhelmed with the amazing happiness and love I've experienced in a day. It's usually being with my family. But today I am just wondering what I did today. It wasn't special, but it was nice and peaceful. I felt good being wherever I was.

I went to yoga first today. I was up early, but was nearly late leaving to pick up Ankaret. I can't believe how amazing yoga is. it's really a peaceful meditation on our body and how it feels. It's quite an amazing thing to do it again after so many years, but even better than i did it myself.

I was most amazed that I was able to stretch my body and it responded and my back muscles relaxed. That meant so much to me.

When I got home, Scarlett greeted me at the door. She looked so happy and full of love! It was nice to spend some time with everyone. We are working out my kitchen, whether to get a new one or not, which design would be good for me, what I want and don't want. This also involves me washer and dryer. It would be quite nice to get one that fits under the counter, but it won't be very big. I'd have to wash laundry a lot more often than I do now.

I still don't know what I'm doing. We are at a cross roads with the new kitchen floor down. Willem took our laundry to Alida's in the meantime. I have to get it into my mind that it's okay to have a nice kitchen, that it will make a lot of difference.

Perhaps like my mom, I only see that familiar and am not ready for change. But there's also the price. I like the photo Scarlett just sent me. It is a lot of information to process. I'd just like a kitchen that works for me. Scarlett has some good ideas. I'm just resistant to change or something.

I went to Mera for the weaver meeting. I haven't been there very much lately now that I've taken on the running of the fiber arts program. I love the weavers. I need to go and spend time with everyone if I expect to feel like I'm a part of the group. Take my lunch, etc. I'm glad I have another tea towel to work on now, this is the third green and white squares I've made. I should see if I need to pay someone for them.

I came home and wanted to enjoy the sunshine, so I took the snowblower out. There's a banging noise. I see something is hitting. I bet a chunk of ice got wedged and bent something. Maybe.

I love taking the snowblower down to the moat and walking behind it and controling it. I love the sunshine down by the gypsy cabin, or on the moat road closest to Serenity Dippity pond. I love to sit in the metal grillwork chair and face the hills and island. I spend my time looking for deer coming across the top ridge of the esker and into the fir trees of the Marsh Woods Fen.

Willem came down to meet me there when I had abandoned the snowblower to sit in the sunshine and hear the peace and quiet, and to hear the county road traffic. Before I came up, I blew into the woods across our little road. It's so beautiful in there. The tractor had had a problem with the snowbank, so I thought I could give a bit of help there. It felt good to do something helpful.

I blew around the deck again, then sat where I could enjoy the forest and look down dead mans run to see any of the wildlife that are out there.

The sun was so beautful this afternoon. I missed most of the day outside, but spent time with the knitters while we all learned how to make lace! I want to do that! Like the shawl that my dear friend in Holland gave me.

I'm going to make one out of my homespun yarn! That's going to be an amazing shawl! Or maybe it should be a poncho sort of shawl.
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