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What I experienced today

I guess the experiences in my life are with nature or animals or people. I had a few today. The moment when Scarlett greeted me at the door with a huge loving smile was the best! I was feeling good from yoga and I felt glad to be home.

We are pioneering it a tiny bit, well, roughing it without a setup kitchen. There's only one spot where we get pure water, that's the kitchen cold water tap. At the moment it's laying on the floor and the tap is in a bowl.

I need to make a decision about our washer and dryer.

While following the snowblower, I worry about what the rattling sound is. No sense worrying, just should get the trailer out and take it to the business I bought it from.

I want to snowshoe into the lower entrance. I can't find the snowshoes at the moment though. They must be in a bin I guess. Or maybe in my storage room. I'm not sure. Anyway, I don't think I can get past the snowbank, though. I want to be in the middle of the fir trees. I can't get to any of the others at the moment. I need to figure out a way to do that, or something like it. Give me a little while to think about it.

Sitting by the moat in the warm sunshine, being aware of my breathing was really nice. I don't know how many minutes I sat there, but I knew I didn't have long till the glorious sun fell below the trees on Hairy Woodpecker Hillside. I just enjoyed it so much. I love the moat road. I really feel so much more at home there than at home, even. It's such a blessing to have all that I have. I am so blessed. I love my chairs that I sit in. I love my views. I love my accessibility with my walker.
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