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Willem helped me dismantle the lane crystal palace tipi.

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Forest tent Caterpillar plague

They have denuded the entire six large baswoods by Iceberg pond.

Otters in Iceberg Pond

Early around six this morning I stood by Iceberg pond watching three otters play! It was such a surprise. They are gone this evening. I had seen them disappear in a small cove dent. Now it's quiet.

Living willow basket

I cut some of my new willow and took it to Ankaret's Basketry museum. While we relaxed in the shade, I finished the Egg basket I'd started the frame for long ago in the spring. I like how it turned out.


Ankaret suggested putting it in water so it can grow! So I tossed it in the moat when I got home. It's an experiment in living willow sculpture!

I went to an artisan show. It was filled with the mist interesting people and their work.

On the way home I found myself at the end of a dead end road. The couple on their balcony looked nice, so when I pulled in, I decided to get out and visit. Three hours later I left. Great folks. Great visit! I sure was courageous to go visit! Breaking down my barriers! Do something that scares you everyday! Nancy is BACK!

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Toronto temple day

We finally came to the temple! It's been since Apr 1! 2.5 months!

I had lots of energy and stamina. I was able to stand for over an hour! But then I was ready to collapse! I took a session, but fell asleep once, when I wasn't daydreaming.

I'm so glad o was able to come to the temple. Mysteries of the Kingdom. I love listening to the little phrases in the ordinances. It was good to contemplate things.


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