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My turn on earth

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Blessed are the cracked, for they let the light in!


Since writing is a part of me and since I love writing more than doing practically anything else, it's only fitting that I should have a journal going. I've had one for years, but from time to time my computer messes up and I don't have the entries anymore.
So on here, I have them neatly organized where I can print them out and bind them and hand them down to my grandchildren.

Hopefully, by writing most of my ponderings and most of my actions, I can look back and see my motivations, how I solved my problems. I hope these writings can be of use to someone, one day.

I pray that I may inspire some to live better, to do more and to see the bigger picture of our lives.

Abraham Lincoln said, in the end it's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years.

We have a blended family.

My first marriage
Virginia (Scarlett)...now 30 Married to Burkhart Lives in Germany
Benjamin (Kevin)...now 28 Married to Tas Live in Ottawa

My second marriage *Willem*
Alida 20
Daniel 18
Abraham (Abey pronounced A-B) 16

Willem's first marriage
Tisch 37 married to Graham Daughter Kayla is 18
Erin 32 Md to Kris baby Liam lives in Ottawa
Nick 30 Ottawa
Kate 27 Ottawa Son Lucas 7 Ottawa

My favorite music:
The Kingston Trio
any celtic fiddle music
The Messiah,
Pachelbel's Canon,
Pieces Willem plays on the piano including Beethoven opus 49 #2 Minuet 2nd movement (the more we get together)
Chopin Opus 25 #9 (very fast)
Chopin Prelude #15 (Raindrops)
Chopin Opus 10 #3 (Da da dadada, La la la la, lalalala)
Shubert Sonata in A major
Shubert Sonata in A major 1st movement, 2nd movement
Shubert impromtu #2
Shubert impromtu #4
Franc Prelude choral et fugue
Faure Nocture #4
Faure #3
Brahams 3 Intermezzi Opus 117
Brahams Opus 118
Mousarski Pictures in an exhibition
Bach Partita #6
Bach Italian Concerto
Beethoven’s Moonlight sonata 3rd movement
Debussey Sunkun Cathedral
Debussey Etude #4
Debussey Etude #11
Ravel Sonatin
Boom Snap Clap, by Andrew Moore at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/amtunes2
Jack Johnson

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