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Desi & Maya over

I just love these little people! Willem brought them home after he bought a few groceries.

They played upstairs and down. I showed Desi the river enveloping the play structure!

Maya ate sausages and desi had peanut butter.

Sometimes stream

Dead mans run is again hosting the annual runoff stream that drains the hollow. It’s such a lovely sound. I love watching it move quickly in a wide swath that covers the bottom of the Valley. It runs mostly to the side of the terraces.


I finally feel healthy!

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I went to church in Kingston. It was so nice to see Corliss, Carma and my dear friend from Stratford days, Lena. I even saw Christine Meyers! I haven’t seen her since I was married to husband #1!

I enjoyed the terrain, the lakes and ponds and hills and valleys and forests! Rocks and trees and water. God’s country.

I stopped to drop off S’s mail and see her baby goat. He jumps all over the place!

I arrived home just having missed the family! I could see evidence of their visit. I felt sad I missed them.

I walked around on the deck several times, avoiding the uneven ice where I didn’t clear the deck after the snow slid off the roof and turned to ice a week ago during the freezing rain when church was cancelled.

Willem and I watched his favourite show again. Death in paradise.


Saturday with Ben's family

We had the most wonderful time playing with our Ottawa family. I love little grandson! He’s a darling. He’s so on top of things, too.

Ben had some wonderful magnet toys, squares and triangles. It was impressive to see the stuff they’d made out of them. I made a ball, too. I felt like I’d accomplished a lot!

I think they were all feeling unwell. We just stayed till grandson went to nap. I will try to eat garlic everyday so I won’t get it again, or whatever this one is.

I’ve never seen a winter where so many people get sick. Where I’ve gotten sick so often. I’m glad I had Netflix to entertain us.


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I went to yoga, but felt dizzy so I came home early for more recovering. It’s awful not knowing if you’re well enough to be out or not!

So I lay around and watched more documentaries and Netflix.

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