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My day has begun.


I went with mommy and Maya and Desmond do you catch the bus

Does he wanted to hold my hand after I put something in my car, the propane thanks for the heater.

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Monday morning before school

I was getting dressed after having put a basket in the woodstove, when Desmond came down and into my room.

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I drove down to grandmas cottage to unload stuff from my car and to clean my car out before I went to pick up Bethany and her kids.

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Busy busy Saturday

I headed over to anchor it’s around 11.

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I went down to the studio to use my laptop, but I could see that there had been a big leak in the ceiling and a ton of water had come down onto the table and splashed onto the chair.

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My tweets

Early bedtime

Why fight it. I was watching some news with Willem, and I was sleepy.

So I can go to sleep at 8 if I want!

Trailblazing again

After all that cleaning in the sunroom, you would think that I was too tired to go down and do any chainsawing.

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Split pea soup

I put on some split green peas and added a handful of carrots and a handful of onions to it. I think I’ll add. potatoes to it.

I am really pleased that I can use the little jars and freeze food that way. Such a great thing to do.

So I covered the stuff with waterAnd put it on to boil. When it was really boiling we turned it down to low, and then added more water as needed.

I’m not sure what spices I should use. I think P soup just need salt and pepper. But I would like to make it like they do in home, where there are lots of vegetables in it since June.

Cleaning the sunroom

Having dejunked yesterday afternoon with Willem, when I got up at 5:30, I thought it would be a good idea to go in there and look around.

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