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What did I do today, vs what experiences did I have

I got up early and wanted to be outside in the winter wonderland. So I put gas in the tank and pulled the crank a lot of times and got the snowblower to turn on. It had snowed a few inches overnight, so I had something to do!

The experience was snow laden green fir tree branches, snow flying up and out of the way, creating a continuous white arch of bits of ice and snow. The branches of the fir trees on either side of M's lane held up an incredible amount of fluffy dry snow.

I enjoyed maneuvering the blower around and making a nice path to the doorway and then working on their lower lane entrance. The snowplow had left so much heavy snow and ice along it that it was quite difficult to get through. I found it easier from the lane side than from the road side.

I got to see my neighbour, who I didn't hear or see until I felt a hand on my shoulder. That was my next experience. She said B would plow the lane tomorrow. I didn't want to stop doing, it, the scenery was so lovely in the lane. I tried to tip the snow control so it would go beneath the trees instead of knocking any snow off.

My next experience was crossing the road and going down to plow the moat road. It was before eight. I was surprised at how much snow was on the road down the hill. There were a set of tracks which weren't too narrow, but I wondered how easy it would be to drive up the hill in them.

The moat road, or Fiddlehead Lane or the Triaqua Trail had about four inches of new snow. It took awhile for the machine to move itself along the last trench where I wanted. I was ready to sit down when I got to the first chair at Tear Drop Point, which is also where the boat launch is when there is no snow.

I left the blower beyond my chair where it wouldn't be so loud. It was nice to just sit there and enjoy myself for a little while. That's the best part of walks, sitting beside the path in a chair.

It was pretty difficult to get around the moat. The broken layer of ice beneath the newest snow was pretty bumpy for the snowblower. So I just carried on. I opened the path to Iceberg Pond up, turned my machine around and headed back out to Triaqua Trail Moat Road.

However, while turning my machine around, or backing it up, it pushed me over on the ice and I slid down. The snowbank was two feet deep or so. I had to move the machine ahead out of my way and try a dozen different ways to get up before I crawled up the bank until I could straighten up and stand. Oops. That was certainly an experience.

I'd like to have a lane to the gypsy cabin and to Horseshoe island tipi. Perhaps the key is to blow the paths at the first snow! That was when I had my surgery, Nov. 17th that the snow fell and stayed. Three months of snow so far! Lots of it. Lovely stuff!
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