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Valentines day dinner

After we left the grandkids, Willem and I headed out to eat my favourite yellow curry dinner. But on the way home I realized I wasn't hungry. I just wanted an orange. Or a few. Willem wanted ice cream, so went to the grocery store for a few things, including the most amazing sausage rolls!

We went home. There was a lot of snow on the way. Willem had to drive quite slowly, maybe 50kph. Because the snow was so deep, it was hard to get from the car to the house. I didn't want to use my walker, cos it would be too hard to push, so Willem let me hang onto his shoulders and walk behind him to the house. That works very well! I wanted to see Bo and Scarlett but I didn't want to disturb them, so we went up to the Upper Living Room. I love that room. It feels so cozy.

I enjoy being with my dear Willem. He's a wonderful valentine. He just wants me to be happy. I want him to be happy, too.
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