Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


I returned of the refilled brown sugar jar and cinnamon to Molly's and sat on her front porch and chatted with her.

I drove down to the moat and went for a walk around it. I parked my car at the point of the teardrop. Teardrop Point.

My battery had just died at Mollys, so I couldn't take a picture of how pretty fiddlehead pond was, or how nice the most looks now that cat tails are growing in it and nearby and covering all the black soil everywhere. Nature doesn't like to be naked! She will only tolerate it for a few minutes before she getmibdtes the old seeds. She will send the wind to bring the seeds to cover it, if there are none available in the soil already.

It felt good to walk with nearly no pain, except, I did have to use the umbrella for a cane for my ankle. So my pain now is localized in my ankle, or so it was while I walked. My back hurts now though. Enough about body pain.

Autumn looks different, as the trees never regrew their leaves. After the catapillars ate them. So we have changing colours on tiny little leaves, surrounded by sky. There are great areas where the forest is all dead elm trees. I never realized we have so much elm here! Isn't that the way. You don't know what you've got till it's gone.

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