Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


I took Abe home today.

It was a long drive, and then a much longer drive home. I have only had my cast off for this week, seven days I guess, and my foot is really not comfortable with driving. So I had to contrive all sorts of things so that my foot could drive comfortably. But then all was well.I took breaks on backroads near the river. Drove down cottage roads, stopping along the way for a walk or some relaxing and birding time. There was a very angry aggressive, abusive man directing traffic on highway 15 just south of Otter Lake. I stopped. He motioned me forward. I obeyed. He told me to stop. I obeyed. He turned his sign to slow, so I slowly proceeded onto the other lane around him. He screamed and turned his sign back around. I was confused and stopped. He kept screaming. So I backed up to my spot in front of the endless line of cars behind me. I stopped and he screamed. Then he walked over to my window and started screaming. I said, "This is abuse! You can NOT abuse me!" Whereupon I closed my window and turned up the radio while he stood at my window and screamed at me. In about another ten minutes an hundred cars went by. Then he turned his sign. I looked st him and let him Point do I'd know he really wanted me to drive around him and not just ahead into him as he had yelled before. Whew. I thought to take his photo which I posted on twitter and on Facebook. Just feel when bad things get condoned, bad wins and good loses.

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