Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


What a lovely day I had!

This is the morning view of Fiddlehead Pond. I got up after four hours sleep (stargazing). I made videos of making a carrot cake for the potluck at mera. I found screws.

I cut the boards on the chop saw when Bo set it up for his work for the day. I'm making a frame for the sunroom countertop.

I've gone with my friend around the moat, to mera with a cane and visited here, then went kayaking with willem. I think I've used up all my mobility! Deb said after her visit:

"I had the loveliest day today! Went up to visit my dear friend, Nancy Todaay and she showed me around her "castle" - they have made marvellous changes to their home since the last time I was there! We enjoyed all the decks, peeked in at her new studio, saw the ponds and drove around the moat, then headed off to MERA for a yummy pot luck lunch, knitting and a meeting in which I volunteered to teach a workshop in November :-) Thank you, Nancy, was so nice to spend the day, next time I will bring my spinning wheel!! <3 <3 <3

We walked in to Iceberg pond and Serenity Dippity pond. I'm so glad the red swing is moved out of the pond landing.

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