Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Playing with grandkids

Sunday evening we got to play with Zane and Desi and Maya all evening!

Zane played hide and seek with Desmond. It was so cute. I couldn't walk coz my ankle felt quite fragile. Perhaps no knee socks. I'm not sure.

Lori had a trampoline in the entranceway. I sat beside it so I could be right there while they jumped. Zane arrived later, so we didn't get to play with him on it. It had been removed to the other room for dinner.

This morning, Willem had errands so I got a ride in to town with him. I played with, or mostly watched Maya. She liked the three new dresses I gave her. She kept getting the pink dress and giving it to mommy. Then she bowed her head so mommy could put it on. I had no idea she was Maya! I'm just getting to know her. She's so cool!

I'm so lucky to be a grandma.

I get to go with Zane to Chicago soon, too! Then we will get very well acquainted!

I taught Desi Oh Where is my hairbrush again today. After it came on on YouTube, the next one was pirates on a pirate ship who do t do anything. Pass the chips.

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