Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Tuesday my ankle

I haven't been walking much lately, because my ankle doesn't take much.

I do seem to walk a bit on aided, but then I need to use a walker or the wheelchair her. I try not to use the walker with my foot hurts. I don't know if that is the right attitude, but I'm trying to just ease back into walking. I don't want any chronic problem. I am standing in place and rising up on my toes. That is helping. I have to organize the physiotherapy. I don't remember who to send it to.

I like vacuuming with a wheelchair. It's amazingly easy. Except, I keep running over the hose. There must be a way to make that not happen. Anyway, I was able to vacuum the whole downstairs, except for Willem's office. It's too hard to get in there with the wheelchair. It's amazing how accessible The floor and lower cupboards are with the wheelchair! These are places that I couldn't get to before because of my DDD in my back and because of my bad knee., Getting up-and-down to go sit at a chair at the table doesn't seem worth it for the pain. But with the wheelchair, I can just roll up to the table, and then sit there.

So what I'm doing, is sitting in the wheelchair, and then standing up and walking around the house, using the back of it like a walker. But the things that I need to do that are down low, I'm using them with the wheelchair to preserve my back.

This may be a good solution to my back problems. Only using it for when I need to do things down low, I mean. I don't want to be wheelchair-bound. I really am trying to strengthen my ankle.

Sometimes I accuse myself or think that I am not really trying hard enough to get out of the wheelchair. I feel like my allowable time for the wheelchair is over now that my cast is off.

However, I am so much more mobile with the wheelchair than with the walker. I can walk with a walker for a while, and then I need to stop when my ankle starts to hurt.

But when I stop walking, then I am relegated to a chair where I cannot do anything unless I use my sore foot again. If instead, when I tire from the walker, I use the wheelchair, I can continue to accomplish a lot of things. I think it's important that I accomplish a lot of things.

I'm really not sure why accomplishing a lot of things makes any difference. It's nothing that we hear in church from the prophet, to accomplish a lot of things. There are many things we should do, Service being one of them. But I think sometimes that I just accomplish things for the sake of accomplishing them. No, that's not true.

You see my ankle hurts from the little bit that I have used it with the wheelchair I'm in the walker. So I'm in the wheelchair now enjoying the backyard. It is 32 today. I can't believe it is this hot on September 26! I can remember most years have been the woodstove on by now.

Because of Irma, and this lovely hot weather, it has dried everything right out. I think that we need to water some of these plants if it continues like this.

I found a bug on the window the other day. Actually, it was on the floor after having hit the window. I put it in a canning jar, and took a picture. It is in Normas, almost 3 inches. Well maybe with the antennas it is 3 inches. Anyway look like I thought it might be a Kincaid a bug. It turns out, that it is from the hemi stria category. It is a giant water beetle. They pinch and bite and they are venom can kill anything 50 times their size. I Think that leaves us out. I certainly hope so. However, they are on the edges of the water and when you get out of the pond you might step on one and get bitten. Horrible. So Willem has been very worried about them being in the pond when he swimming. I thought that it was an imaginarycreature. But no, it is a real one. It makes me a bit uneasy, chuckle, too.Yuck!</lj-cut

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