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Nancy Today


The sunrise was so pretty I tweeted it to #sharemyweather.

I like the look of autumn. I love my tipi in the garden. I've got lots of windows from the dump that I'm going to frame into it. I've only been wheeling around on the deck, looking for photo spots for the last hour.

I moved the sunflower seeds into the garbage container by bringing the bin to the door, then dragging the bag to the door and tipping them together, I scooped half the seeds into the bin. Then I pulled the bag onto my lap and dragged the bin behind as I wheelchaired it back to the end of the deck.

i've been walking around on the deck just a little bit, and it really makes my ankle hurt. I want to stop using the wheelchair, but, I have to wait.

Willem and I had a nice tomato sandwich breakfast together at the little glass table in the kitchen.

I identified The giant water beetle that was hitting the window the other day. I took pictures of it while it was alive, then put it in a jar. It was too big and looked too dangerous to just release it into the wild again. It turns out, they inflict bites that kill animals 50 times as big as they are! These are the bugs that you have to watch out for when you're walking in the pond. They may be on the edges, or in the weeds that grow in the pond at times. Whenever, they grab you with their huge pinchers and bite you.

I really love to write in my journal. I'm sitting on sunrise hillside deck overlooking the beautiful valley in the trees and I'm writing in my journal by using the microphone on my iPhone.


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