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I've had a lovely morning.

I got up at my regular time, and tidied up the bedroom and the kitchen and put a load of laundry in. Then I got it together and pushed my walker to the car. I have alternated between using the walker around the deck and using the wheelchair. Wasn't long before I needed the wheelchair after using my walker. I cleaned out the trunk, since it was so full of garbage that my walker wouldn't fit in there.

I filled up two plastic grocery bags that were in the car with all of the stuff, then brought it to the house where I sorted it. It was hard to do using my walker. My wheelchair is on the back deck. But I did it, I sorted pieces of wood and cardboard into the basket by the woodstove. I sorted papers to my chair and to the garbage and she's a piano talk. I sorted bottles to the recycle bin.

I might not sound like much, but by then My ankle was pretty much used up. My foot is not extremely happy, although it didn't hurt as much as it did each day before. It's improving daily.

The kids wanted to borrow the car, so I stayed near the house. Then I messaged them, saying I was going down by the moat. I went down there in the car and used my walker.

I was going to get in the paddleboat, but they were too many black flies. They didn't seem to bite, but they were quite annoying. So instead, I drove around the moat several times smashing down the cattails that were growing in the road, narrowing the edge of it.

I wanted to go paddle boating, but it didn't look like it was going to happen today. It was too hard to walk around to get in the right spot in the paddleboat. I thought that by paddling, it would stir up the water enough that the warm water at the top would mix with the cold water below, and perhaps make it swimmable.

I drove on and got out at iceberg Pond Lane, and pulled the red swing further off the barrier mound, or the dune, onto level ground. About a foot. I only used a cane, which was not helping my foot, which was probably not a good idea. I drove around the moat a few times, sitting for long periods here and there.

Then i drove down the highway to the next road where I used to go for walks years ago with the two women who live down there. I drove in and enjoyed the cosy nature alongside the road.Such beautiful trees and the autumn colours. It is always a nice surprise to find flowers popping up!I just love birch trees. They are so beautiful!I found a lovely view of the river. I went home, thinking the kids would likely come over soon to use my car.

I came back up to the house and brought in al the stuff on my walker that I'd taken out of Willem's car. I put it all away, to wherever it all went. I hadn't thought I would come inside for a little while, as I was enjoying nature so much!

They still weren't here to pick up the car, so I got my strong homemade soap, which I had cut into four pieces in the kitchen earlier in the day, and brought it along with my fleece to the sunrise hillside deck. The shady deck.

I felted my pieces of soap, making nice balls. The fleece is in bad shape after my imperfect washing job long ago. But it was good enough for felting soap balls! After Scarlett and Bo came over and borrowed the car and the trailer, I wanted to water the hydrangea on the edge of Nancy spa. It barely reached.

The unused abandoned tub beckoned to me to empty and clean it out. So that meant unhooking and adding the three hoses together to the hot water tap so it would reach. It was an exciting prospect to prepare the tub so I can bathe outside in it! I spent a long time getting down there and then washing the outdoor bathtub out.

It had 3 inches of decomposed cedar leaves in the bottom of the tub that had become soil. I scooped it all out onto the barren slope from the tree bench down into Nancys Spa, beside the end of the white bathtub. I got down through there with my walker but came back up around the far side into hilltop deer cafe when I was done, checking out the hammock at the top of the chute.

My ankle was not too happy as I bent over the dirty tub and scrubbed with one of my new homemade felted soap balls. It's strong lye soap, so it really got rid of the black and red stains. When it was all washed i used a piece of black plastic bag for a plug and added water hoping that there would be enough hot water left to take a nice bath.

I didn't really dare take a bath, since Scarlett and Bo would be back anytime with the trailer. So I lay in one of the three hammocks to study my scriptures for a while, then moved to the second hammock where I was much more comfortable.

The first was too high. The trees grew this summer and now all the straps are too tight. I don't trust them anymore, since I couldn't lower the hammock in case the straps broke and dropped me on the hard ground.

So each of those hammocks need to have their ropes replaced. I don't have much faith in all the ropes. That was the beginning of all of my problems with my back or at least my hips and the SI joints. I put up a hammock that broke and I landed on my SI joint. That's when I was camping with Selene years ago.

I came back up to the deck, needing to plug in my phone and also rest my foot for a while and turn off the hot water which was now just flowing out of the hose onto the hydrangea bushes where I left it.

If I had use cold water to clean out the bathtub, I would have enough hot water for my bath. However, if I had washed out the tub with cold water, my hands would hurt quite a lot.

The kids came back with the trailer and hung out with me on the shady sunrise hillside deck. I love having all these decks. It was nice to have them drop in.

After relaxing in the living room for a little while, I felt like going somewhere. So I went to the car and realized I didn't have any gas, so I went the other direction to fill up my tank.

I drive down the road beyond Jarens house and sat in the hilly woods for awhile.

Living the hilly terrain. Such a quiet spot to sit. I love the many knolls. What a huge tree!

I wasn't sure where I was going to go, but it seem like a waste to be in the house all by myself, so I went up to MERA and as I was turning around in the parking lot I asked someone if something was going on. It turns out it was the gardening meeting. Scarlett and Nancy and Barb were there. It was really nice to sit at a picnic table outside surrounded by the crew that silver maple leaves on the ground around it. It was so nice to be around people. I didn't realize how important that was.

After the meeting, I came home and turned in at the fiddlehead Lane, our pond road. I guess you could call of the cul-de-sac! Or a circle. The cul-de-sac fits very well though I think. So I came down here, and sack and listen to the wind blow warm air. The hot hot air we've had from last week or more, was from the hurricane Irma, which devastated many of the islands, most of Florida, and even do damage up in Georgia. Anyway, it pushed all the hot Miami air north. It was the same temperature here and in Miami for a few days!

So the front has come through. Now the whole there is pushing the warm air away. And so right now, it's 20 Celsius. It was 32 today. So the temperature is dropping. Tomorrow the high is 16, I think. So right now is probably the warmest it will be for a few months. But, maybe not. Definitely today's temperature through the day, was the hottest temperature will have until spring. May perhaps.

I can see the neighbours light from the road along the month. But I'm on the marsh Woodside now, so I don't see any right through the sickness. I got my walker out and walked two though usually flooded area and back to the car, with the car lights on. I thought I might see a deer or bear. Mary V. said there was a moose in her backyard. That moose may have come over here!

Well I sit out here in the cool evening air, I'm thinking about those people who are homeless now on all those islands, and in Mexico and in Florida and in Texas. A lot of them have no clean water to drink. That's not good. I think Doris should go to where to Rico.

An ass I was thinking about those people being homeless, I thought about me out here in the wilderness on this gravel road with my walker in the dark. I can hear traffic in the distance across the island and beyond stream.

Between where I sit in the room there is a moat I'm on the other side of the moat the Horshoe I'm in the pan in the stream and then the stream words before you're at the rude one on the water between here in there too with moat witches perhaps 5 feet deep, and then the pond which used to be 6 feet or deeper, and then the stream which is probably calf or kneedeep.

I can't believe I'm walking again! This is so wonderful. Another eight weeks off from it. I'm so blessed to have two new hips and a body that his self. I'm so grateful that I can walk again, even if it has to be with the Walker. I don't mind using my walker.

I heard a frog shirt. They are chirping a lot, and the katydids are much quieter than they were last night. I guess as the temperature went down. I heard something in the water. I wonder if it's a beaver. If it is, it Will swim over here to check me out. And I will know because the shadow on the pond, I'm in the mode, will start to have wine tonight. I may have wanted it now!

I expect it was a turtle. Twice in here I have run into turtles with my kayak or my paddle, and fuck like I hit a huge rock. There goes the satellite. So here I am sitting, on the planet the same way all those people devastated by the tornadoes are sitting I mean The hurricanes.

I'm so blessed to be here. I'm so blessed not to have to be on somebody else's property. I'm so amazed at all the water we have dinner. It's not very big land, but it's wonderful. I think I can see your light from the house through the trees. I am Magent it is the living room light, unless I left the kitchen and on. Otherwise, it would be the outdoor light having come on.

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