Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Free flow Journaling

Today is our last hot day.

I have been waiting for the moat and the pond to get warm enough to swim in. Now I really don't care so much. I haven't swimming it all year this year, and last year with my broken wrist, my own cancer on my nose, and my sliced finger, I didn't go swimming at all last summer.

There were too many bugs down at them out today, so I didn't kayak or paddleboard. I thought the paddle boating would stir up the water, check in the warm water to the bottom and bringing the Coldwater up from the bottom to mix with it, the swarming the whole thing.

I really like looking out into the top of deer Meadow. It's such a beautiful place in there.

Bo says that the deck is sliding down the hill. It's moved about half a centimeter. I think the landing on the outside of the house, the outside of the studios with has moved. I think that the building is fine.

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