Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


I have no idea how to upload videos to my usual channel but they are all going to tipiwoman.

Which I think is named Nancy Today also.

I'm by the Marsh Woods. The bluejays are making pleasant noises. There's a crow and a songbird.

I love God and my Saviour so much. I forget to pray. It's a certain state of mind that is conducive to praying. I'm looking into the stately dead cedar poles, now so easily accessible for tipi building!

I went to town to get straps from home hardware. They use them to bundle lumber, then cut them to open them. That means there is a lot of rope that goes in the garbage. I was able to get about a bushel full. I am going to use it to replace The straps for the Hammocks in the words here and there on the property.

I saw Doug Becky hitchhiking when I came out of home hardware, so I change lanes and turn to pick them up. I gave them a ride to their destination. Then I went exploring. I discovered that there is a bird sanctuary. It's a national one event! I can't seem to find an access for it, but it is a very dense woodlot. I stopped to sit beside simple rushes and a little pond. It almost looks like the pond comes out from under a stone.

I heard a very pretty song Bird earlier and wondered if it was a meadowlark.

Look, it's for migratory birds! The birds were stopping here and got protected by environment Canada.

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