Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Thursday 2

Hunger came on, so I went to town.

I stopped at Canadian tire and made an appointment to get my oil changed this afternoon at four. I have to remember not to forget it. I have a way of getting very distracted.

While there, I also bought a little credit card clip for the back of my phone, as the other two have gone the way of all the world.

I drove around looking at pretty spots of the river, and then decided to investigate another wetland. I think it may be called Longswamp. It butts along the side of the road on one side, but there's no way to go into it or access anywhere around it as it's landlocked. Or Road locked?

I was feeling stressed, trying to get to my MERA meeting on time, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought that I enjoyed what I was doing and where I was more than being over there. Are usually don't feel so good about myself with the weavers. I've been away so many times, and done so little of the work, and made big mistakes, and I just sort of think I'm not in our leaders is good books anymore.

So I realized, that I didn't want to go. I want to go, and be part of it, but I never seem to get there at the right time, or really know what's going on. I wonder if other people know what's going on. Anyway, I only really have something to do there, when I'm leaving. But I am not wheezing anymore I don't think. I think I have made one on most of the rooms now.

I found a nice spot to sit in the woods along side the road. It's just a little road that goes into the woods, without a 911 number. Like my fiddlehead Lane, which now has a number. The vibes and here are a bit off. I'm not sure about this area.

So I backed up. I'm now in a sunny spot, where the leaves have the shadows on them, as does the trunk of the tree. I'm not sure what I'm going to do now. You know, I feel like when I was on my road trip in New England. I could just drive a little ways and enjoy sitting in the deserving. It's like everywhere was the lookout view Place. And so that's what I'm doing today. I love being in my car, when I'm hungry I can go buy food at Tim Hortons or such, and I can drive Heather and Feather on whatever road in whatever condition. Well that's not quite true.

Pretty spot, eh!

Ive been taking my long shortcut through the woods behind Trumpeter Swam mud lake. I've stopped hurrying home, or thinking I should be there. So I've stopped for a walk. Spending my day exploring in the neighbourhood.

This is a very lovely spot. I saw a lake or pond through the trees but I couldn't find a road that would take me there. There was a tiny building upon a tall rock outcropping. There was no access to that, either.

I've got my walker out and am sitting on it, noticing how few sounds there are. I do hear two kinds of crickets, two planes on opposing sides of the sky somewhere above the overhead trees. And a chainsaw, and the sound of millions of monarch butterfly wings in El Rosario, which sounds like dried leaves. That's in the Hillside facing me. A gaggle of Canada geese are behind me in the invisible pond.

The wind comes crackling Snd whistling and roaring down the road tunnel. Each leaf makes a sound. No two are the same one, just every tone is louder, the more leaves and the stronger the gust.

Perfectly white clouds drift smoothly along through the deep clear blue sky.

I tried out the gps preferred impassible road. I feel quite comfortable sitting here in the sun. The long hot drought has dried out the deep mud so holes are left, but they are navigable. I'm going to ask the township to grade it

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