Afternoon Pages

It's chilly today, down to 12C now.

 That's way too cold to just hang around.  I thought about lighting the fire, but I didn't want to go outside in the rain to get wood.  I could burn the paper.  Scarlett came over and swapped cars with me, so now I have stuff in the wrong place in the house to figure out where it all goes.  Hmmm.  Maybe another time.

 I couldn't find a cozy place downstairs,  eventhough the views out the large glass doors are so nice.   It occurred to me that I could go upstairs.  I've not been up here for a long time, a month or more since breaking my fibula.  So I came up into my big bright room.  What a change!  Such an awesome room!  I'm surprised it took me so long to figure out that I could come up here.  

My back is much worse than my foot is today.  I haven't any idea why.  The chocolate bar I ate last night with milk in it?  I don't recall doing anything much.  I stood in the kitchen for awhile.  I walked with my walker quite a bit around the house and on the deck.  I hardly used my wheelchair at all.  

I'm glad I write in my journal, cos I really haven't a clue what I did today.  I waited for exchanging cars.

I went to iceberg pond and sat in the sun in the red swing. I drove around the moat a couple of times.  I went into Jopi tipi and retreived my black walker from where I'd left it in there.  I didn't find either of my clippers.  green or orange handles.

I sat looking at the small trailer for a little while. I'd like to camp out in there, but I'd not want an ermine to walk across me.  Screeeeeeam!  But it is a nice cozy little place.  

Maryjane is coming but I don't know what time. 

5:30. I'd given up on being downstairs. It was chilly and not cozy at all! So when she arrived I'd already been watching The Intern for awhile.

We went to a chip wagon she wanted to have poutine at. I went in her car with her. When we were leaving she remembered she'd been driving for 58 km since the light had come on to tell her she had no gas. I thought we should probably get my car, which at the time was Scarlett and Bo's car, because they traded mine to use the trailer.

So we went to town and bought a gas can at Canadian tire, went to Elijah's and picked up my Jacket, and bought old-fashioned plain donuts and have the baker dip them into chocolate frosting. So we got a dozen. They were to drippy to eat, especially in Bo's car. But there was a perfect doughnut holder on the top of the dashboard. I mean, how many dashboards have. And indentation to hold the box of a dozen donuts?

We rearrange the living room, and Mary chain with the fire. It was so nice to sit by the warm fire. Unbelievable that it was so hot last week! It was 12� or so I guess.

So we watch the intern from the beginning. What an excellent movie! I wish I could watch all those kind of movies! You don't find a good movie too often. There was no sex or swearing or violence. It was Robert De Niro as a senior, being the intern for a very successful very young woman. Near

When I watch these, all these millennial's, the age of my two oldest children, I see how I am completely removed from that generation now. It's a wonderful feeling. In that generation, it's important to keep up with the Joneses, to look the part, to try and break the glass ceiling, but in my group, seniors, there's none of that. There's just a love for enjoying life and a desire to be useful.

I really feel I am embracing my age! I feel the way I did when I was 49 and wanted to be 50 so that I could be in the Red Hat Society. I feel that now, being 62, I'm really enjoying the way I am excepted by this whole group of people, well I have become invisible in even a greater way to the next generation. Are all five of my children millennials? Or are they part of the Generation X or whatever the next group is called. They have expanded the definition of baby boomers to include me! I wasn't aware of that. I thought I came in on the very tail end of it.

So we hung out and watch the intern, and chatted a bit. I enjoy having a nice chat.

I realized I was supposed to go to the mud run in and out water, or that's what I had decided that I would do to be helpful. Our branch is trying to be more helpful in the community. So here we are. How are you did it you're on your second run



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