Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Mud run spartan races

I'm at the mud run, where a lot of different obstacles are on a course and also there are races.

I'm supposed to hand out water. It's amazing how many questions I can have about how to hand out water! So I have taken all the soda cups which were stuck very tightly together and separated them and fill the bag was separated ones. So I filled the cups with water, I thought it was going to be water bottles that we gave out, but I guess it's cups of water. I'm not sure why the water bottles are here then, except perhaps some people want to take them as they run.

The first runner came, jumped up on the wall with the blocks on it, and made his way across and is now running down to get to the next place. He's wearing a suit that says Swift on the back.

The missionaries are here working at the obstacle course.

I'm glad somebody came and told us what we were supposed to do, because I didn't know before that. I thought that people would be coming in great groups but I guess not. They're looking pretty tired when they get here.

These guys look incredibly fit! I know idea. I'm glad the missionaries are positioned here.

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