Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Taking down Jopi Tipi

If there are no coincidences, then it is all Divine Design.

It's not a coincidence that anything happens. We have two choices with everything we own. Leave it or change it.

I can't believe I took that TP down! I just got the idea in my head when I was sorting out the new straps I retrieved from the garbage at home hardware.

I thought I could pull it down. If I wrapped the straps around it, i could just pull it with the car. So I did. Now there is some very damp ground and what looks like a very nice boat ramp. And assorted bits to put away.

I drove up to the lane and tied up the tripod and dragged it down the hill to the parking lot. I'm going to put it on the jopi patch. It'll have a lovely view of the pond, and I can drive right to it for campfires! Handicap accessible!

I'll leave the tall willow so we have a privacy blind.

I'm going to remove one of the little docks to the moat.

This morning I did lots of tidying up, did and hung out some wash, then packed up and moved the windows to the perennial slope Tipi. So they can be framed into it.

I collected the rake for smoothing the top of the island wall inside the moat. I collected two posts and the posthole digger for the boat tie up lol make by the moat.

I took some cardboard to Tisch's raised garden beds and covered the grass in it. I brought over more from by Iceberg pond entrance. I'll put some alder sticks in like scarlett does and lots of leaves.

I Went back down and around the moat and put the rake by the bridge for levelling the castle island wall. I pulled the entire jopi tipi I'd roped the tops of together, around the bend and past the gypsy homestead, and left it in the lane beside where I'd like a small tipi to be alongside the moat beside horseshoe island's east bridge pathway. Gotta name it.

2 pm

Still our toodling. Waiting for my back to be ready for some more work!

I drove behind the block and took pictures and let my back recover. Then I went over to see Desmond and Maya.

I took my backroads

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