Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Sunrise over the moat

I'm watching the sunrise over the mode.

I came down here before first light, and have been watching as the light is moving across the ground and up. It's plus 1C, so the air is cooler than the water so there is a lot of missed rising in a ring around the island.

It's always sad to see the heat of the water dissipating up into the air. I know it has to happen. It's just kind of sad. But it's also so beautiful. It doesn't do this in the summer.

From where I'm sitting at teardrop point, I have two bars. Actually, there dots. I could listen to wcbs from NYC until the sun rose, or I should say, until 7 o'clock. The sunlight was getting stronger.

I let 12 Mallard ducks go floating in the moment last night. These are not just any decks, their Canadian tire plastic decoys! However, I'm hoping that since this is duck migration season, there might be a few land here. With all the water around, it is duckhunting season. If I can bring them here with my decoys, then I can save them from being shot in the next water body they may land in.

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