Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


I have Abe here.

He and I did a lot of driving. I went to yoga for 9am. At 10:30 I left to pickup Abe to go to Scarlett's. We stayed for only a few minutes cos I had to meet someone in town who was bringing me my purse Maryjane had driven away with. That was for noon.

We went to Walmart where i bought groceries using a wheelchair and a cart.

He brought in some of the groceries for me.

We went to the dump and found some nice stuff, picked up the trailer from Scarlett, and returned to the dump. Abe loaded on the big cardboard pie es, the green swivel chair, seamless upright wooden chair, a white little table and a rectangular table for the deck.

We brought it home and he unloaded it. I took the trailer and cardboard to Tisch's raised garden beds and put them in the bottom of the beds to cover the grass.

Abe and I had apple pie. I watched a nice Robert Redford and jane Fonda movie: the electric cowboy.

The moon was full. I came upon this little wood frog, or something, hopping on the wet deck.

I talked to willem on messenger, but it was pretty late at night for him.

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