Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


It was lovely outside with the rain on the yellow and brown leaves outside the door, picture perfect.

I took the tarps from jopi tipi to the dump after driving around the moat this morning.

I left Abe at home and in the rain, I emptied the tarps and cleaned all the trash out of my car at the dump.

Abe was happy when I got back. He wanted to go to Scarlett and Bo's. So we arranged it, then he didn't want to go.

So I went and drove her and my trailer to the dump twice. Then we went to my house do she could get her car.

I stressed about the dinner on Monday. Scarlett talked me through it while I ate chocolate.

I got my trailer and car stuck in the lower entrance by the stream. I was trying to make a pretty thanksgiving display and wanted the tall stream people grass. Tall stuff. I took off the trailer after crawling out the passenger door.

Bo rescued me one item at a time. He pulled two tree trunks out from under my car. He pulled the squeezing tree out from beside me and told me to curve and back up into the off road a bit more till both wheels were on solid ground, then drive forward onto the good road.

I drove right out! Then he hooked up the trailer and off I went to make my thanksgiving display with three bales of hay, the tall grass, a ladder and a pumpkin. It looked nice.

I checked on abe, then went to town for more dinner stuff. Including ice cream sandwiches, cookies and chocolate. What is wrong with this picture?

I sat by the moat in the moonlight by the Gypsy homestead. I was tired and wanted to just go in and get to sleep.

I went home, glad it was bedtime. I was quite overwhelmed by the meds he makes. Horrible mess.

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