Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


I write about my pain just in case someone out there cares.

Nobody around me does, so perhaps I'm the only one that cares. It makes me sad. I care about others. When I accept that my back pain will always be with me, in spite of my replaced hips, and bad knees. It is like having a miscarriage. It's a mourning for what I thought was going to be my pain free future. I had such hopes of going for walks, swinging my arms, exploring. So now I'm teary eyed.

I went to church, kinda miserable but felt better as the day went on. My mind was jumpy so I knitted to help myself focus. It works every time.

Scarlett had tidied up the whole house for me! What a lot of work she saved me. Bo was working on the end of the addition siding and the side of the studio.

Scarlett relaxed at the table and I knitted. I've never sat and visited with someone who is reading before. It's not very inviting. I guess that's the way they do it in Germany.

I miss willem. Abe is wonderful, but it's not like when Willem's home.

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