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Thanksgiving monday

I was up around five I think, and stuffed the turkey and put it in the oven.

I've got white potatoes, squash and rutabagas cooking ahead of time. Dinner is at noon, so dinner should be ready by noon. I wanted to have the dinner early, so the families can still enjoy the day, and get home before bed time. It's a shame it's raining, but at least it will keep all the children inside and easier to find! Scarlett cleaned for three hours yesterday, tidying up after the mess Abe makes with his Ramen noodles.

I don't have any aluminum foil. So I put another baking dish on top of the turkey. I made the mistake of sticking my meat thermometer in, and when I looked minutes ago, it had melted. Oh well, that's what you get when you use something that has a plastic display on it in the oven. If only I'd read the directions!

This is great, it's only 9:30 am and I'm in time. Scarlett is coming over today to help me cook. I've already got the chairs out of the sunroom, and all around the long table. I did that last night. I've got a children's table, beside the big table. That should work I hope.

When I was little, we went to Thanksgiving at my grandmas, and we kids always sat at the children's table with Heather, Robbie and Selinda. I should get in touch with Heather again.

Now I miss my mom. This is when I would call my mom, she would be so happy for me having Thanksgiving and having the family come. She always phoned on Thanksgiving and Christmas and birthdays. Of course, she would never remember that it was Thanksgiving in October, until I said it was Thanksgiving.

I like having Thanksgiving at my house. I have about all the good dishes and cutlery, and even my moms nice gold rimmed glasses, the ones with the birds on them on the table.

This is the table that I got from Connecticut with Mary and Mary Jane. Oh look, Scarlett and Bo are here!

It's a beautiful morning. The leaves out here on sunrise hillside are all blooming yellow and orange. It looks so nice. I made a display on the kitchen table of a pumpkin and a bag of little gourds, spread around with maple leaves under them.

It's raining a bit, it was very misty before, but now I think most of the water is just coming off the leaves, but it's very overcast today. It's quite mild though. Quite unusual to have it so mild this time of year!

Scarlett came and put together the veggie dishes. It was great to go follow the grandchildren around while she carried on with the finishing touches of dinner.

Alida and jean arrived and visited while I followed Desmond around upstairs. I showed him all the light switches and helped him discover which switch turned on which light.

Ben and Mommy and Zane arrived next. Zane was a little hesitant of the houseful of people. I brought him on my lap in my wheelchair to the table Desmond and I had set for the three wee ones. With play tea party dishes. Zane likes asking for sugar. Pretend sugar for the pretend tea.

With Maya's highchair and Abe along with me, Ben's and Scarlett's and Alida's, we all fit at the table. Zane walked around a lot and then coloured beside mommy.

I called out, 'rides to the living room', then gave them each rides. Luckily only one at a time was interested!

Maya discovered she could stand on the bottom lip of the open upright freezer! She was just chillin!

I gave her rides while I cleared off the dishes from the table. It's so simple from the wheelchair.

After Alida's family went home, I gave Zane rides all around the house. We fed the chickadees sunflower seeds and called to them. We looked in all the windows at mommy.

By 4pm everyone had gone home. We went to leave but the car wouldn't start. The inside light was on. We called on family to come rescue me so I could drive Abe home.

So we came in and are just chillin after this big day! I'm glad I have both dishwasher drawers running as well as the laundry! I will need to run another load afterwards. It's pretty cool that it filled up the entire dishwasher. Imaging the kitchen being mostly done without having to stand and wash all those dishes.

Bo and Scarlett are rescuing us! Abe is helping. I took Abe home and made the long drive through the fog patches and curvy roads.

It was 9:30 when I got back. I was so tired I stopped for hot chocolate.

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