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Nancy Today

Tuesday morning

I'm sitting by the moat, waiting for bears to come enjoy the stillness at the ponds.

I'm in my car, with the heater on getting nice and warm. it's only 8C outside. Scarlett came over and tidied up the food in the kitchen after the end of the meal last night. I don't have enough refrigerator room for the leftovers, so I put them in the freezer. I know that's not the best way, but it works for me! I took them back out so they wouldn't freeze but just get nice and cold.

Willem has been gone for two weeks. 14 days and 14 nights. It was very interesting to see what I do when I'm alone. I spent a lot of time at night on the deck outside looking at the stars. I would drive down to the mode and walk around it in the dark in the moonlight with the stars. I guess in the morning, I get up and get into my car or go down to the mode or through some other Beck Road where nature is right beside me. Being in the forest is the coolest thing ever!

It was such a relief this morning that I didn't have to listen for Abe, and figure out his hourly cigarettes.

It was really nice having Abe here. He such a gentle giant. He has such love. His countenance has a softness. He's a good soul. His siblings have no patience for him anymore. He has begged for cigarettes, or rides, or anything else he wants. But he's always been that way. He would bug me until I did something, especially something in his future, he always wanted to do it right away. Whenever he has a plan it's got to be right now. He's very honest. He will tell me the truth, even if he's admitting to something he shouldn't have done. He is healing. He has been able to spend time with people, sit with me, and even ate dinner at the table with the family! That was so cool.

I never took a family photo! I think people are kind of tired of family photos and being videoed, so I never brought out my video camera, but I did take a few snapshots. Tas bought a Polaroid camera, which she uses to make instant photos. I never used one because they were so expensive, eight dollars for 12 photos back in the 60s. That was a lot of money then. The photo itself it's much smaller now than it was before. It's kind of a cool idea, to make your own instant photographs, and have them print out right there. It's so cool.

The curtains in the bathroom have never been washed. They used to be the living room curtains, but they seemed good enough to use for the shower. So they are in the laundry now, with bleach. I hope it gets the big black stain on the bottom out. It probably will get part of it out. I think it's mould from where it has remained wet. All the time.

I can't find the conference tapes container. I've been listening to the same CD from April 2015. I'd like to talk on being Ginuwine but I prescient you drift Dorf. It was about the Potemkin village that race to head of the queen as she came to tour this part of Russia, where he had villages placed along the river that she could've Meyer, and then he will quickly move them down stream before she got there, so that it appeared there was a thriving prosperous society along the river. That's a Potemkin village. Trying to look like you are better than you are.

It was so wonderful to be with all the kids, and to chat with dad online. Erin also got to say hi to everybody.

Willem comes home today. That will be so nice! I have never done this before, stayed home while he traveled. He does it all the time. I see how difficult it is, or can be in the evenings. It's totally different.

I gathered seeds from the Galardi is on the hillside, near Trilliam corner. Also I gathered some false sunflower, and some echinacea seeds. I drove down to the mode and sprinkle them along the edge on the way to iceberg pond. Then I completely covered iceberg Pondmeadow. That will be beautiful if they work. I should probably rake them so they all go in, but I think the rain will push them in, unless the birds get them. There are a lot of Speros that like to take what's on the ground.

I didn't see any new bear tracks. It was so lovely watching the sunrise in being in the woods.

I'm planning my day. I want to get a few things when I'm picking up Willem from the airport. Maybe I'll go see Zane first. I would love to go see the other little children this morning, but I am out of the habit of doing that.

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