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Willem's home!

So nice! He brought me a book on Women in Trees. It's an awesome picture book!

We went to Alida's. Desmond and Maya had just had baths. They looked so cute getting all dressed. We played lots of leg games from the chair. The cheese ate the mouse was our best efforts. They are both such darling children.

We stopped at the dollar store. I bought shower curtain rings and two chair covers and two little curtains.

Willem hooked up the trailer and then I went to Scarlett's. We walked in the path through the woods to the little horse and chicken coop. We sat on the bench and watched the chickens and ducks scratch around us. It was such an interesting place to sit and watch the animals!

Last year, I drove while frank did all this brushing last autumn for us. I always feel bad for not helping. It's 8c today. Brrr. A cold raw day while I be a driver again. The black and whilst stray healthy cat has moved over here.

After having tea together, I came home to Willem. I rearranged my autumn display. I think it's better now. Willem went to choir and I put up my paintings and the big mirror. I put up a curtain in the bedroom and organized my stained glass area in the sunroom. I am excited to work on it!

The downstairs walls now have 10 of my paintings on the walls! It really changes the room, as do the mirrors. It's not stark anymore. I also put the quilted covers on the wide leather chairs in the living room.

I've had a lot of energy this evening. I also put some of Willem's travel stuff away.

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