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Yoga was this morning.

I like going to yoga. We stretch. She also goes slowly and teaches us about everything we're doing. With the skeleton and showing where the muscles are and which poses will pull on that muscle.

I am always sad when yoga ends. Today however, we did a lot of work on our lower back's. So that left me in quite a bit of pain. I'm glad I had my walker.

I asked at the desk if they would give me a Dr referral for my back, as I had already talk to the doctor about it. However, she said that in February 2017, a referral has been made to a doctor somewhere. They are checking into it, and also gave me his contact information so I can find out more about it. Scarlett says if I get Cortizone treatments in my back, then the back pain will go away. When that be amazing!

Willem asked me if I'd like to go for a drive, so I suggested we go follow a path way where the leaves are beautiful.

We ended up Driving on the French line then around on cambell Rd. The leaves were just lovely. I was on the lookout for baby birch trees. Small saplings that I can dig up. I will go back with my shovel and whatever I need to do this sometime.

When we got home from our drive, we had lunch of Thanksgiving leftovers at the kitchen table, then I use the car and went down to the moat. No, I didn't use the car, I walk with my walker. That's the first time I've walked with my walker down there and didn't have a car since I broke my bag. It's been a long time.

It took me some time to free the paddleboat. I had made a scoop it out of a apple cider container, which I could take to the paddleboat for bailing the water out. It worked very well. I took the rake and Pavil the round, scooping up my decoy box, Which had blown off of the bridge and was making its way around the moat.

I was able to Paddleboat to the boat launch where I parked it and tied it to the pole floating and beached in the moat.

I soaked my bottom when I took the cardboard box out of the water. So I had to go around in wet clothes.

I walked back to my walker and then to Fiddlehead pond tipi spot. I pushed my walker they the tall dead grades and werds, down to tidy and cleanup the area.

He was on his second trip to the dump when willem came down to rescue the damsel in distress. He took the Christmas lights and the ripped lumber tarps and pails. I drove up the hill and he pushed my walker up on foot.

I saw Rosie at the dump. Chris gave me a bottle of layers of coloured sand. A blank palate. I'll make a picture.

I found a cool Car ramp and a body spinner for Desi and for Maya.

Weve been sitting on the deck, watching Bo do the siding above the slippery metal roof. It's rather dangerous. It's too scary to watch. So I'm sitting in the sun watching over my wet stuff on the clothesline.

We went to institute. Our teacher is awesome! It was a study of Mark 14-16. The saviours infinite atonement.

Afterwards, willem needed to stay for branch council, so I had time to go visit Deb. She gave me some fleece which I will card tomorrow on the way to the temple. Some black llama, some alpaca and some sheep fleece. She loaned me her carding forks. I'll try to get it all carded and back to her asap.

I hung up a copper pipe for a curtain rod in the breakfast kitchen. I hung the green long ones that were in the closet. There should be six of them all together. 2 in there, two in the bedroom and 2 in the upstairs shower. Hmmm. So that set will have to come in the bedroom fir the other window. The white set in the closet can go in the breakfast kitchen. I'll get some for the other doors to match in there.

Willem lit a very nice fire tonight. But I just wanted to lie down and read.

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