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We got up late and took the airport road right to the 401.

It worked so nicely. I've had enough of the 410, I think.

We drove along the coast of Lake Ontario as much as we could. We went down to Darlington Provincial Park. I walked!!! To the stairs then around the east slope down to the water.

I found this very cool piece of drift wood. We made it early enough that we had time to eat out at a fish and chips restaurant. I had a house salad that was all iceberg lettuce. I should've asked for romaine. It was a good meal.

Willem had priesthood meetings at 3, so since I had no change of clothes, I asked Siri and found value. Illagw where I found a lovely green thin long blouse. At Walmart I found a warm green shawl. Perfect.

At dinner Elder Smith, our area president, a general authority sat with us. He gave a good talk on love. The Lord prepares the way for His servants, for sure. He told of Italy church members being recognized as a church. It came about because Elder Smith was a senator and called the Italian wmbasdy and secured an appointment with the minister of religion who already had met the first presidency as is the habit of the church.

Bro sissan spoke also about love. How he caught his wife with love, his good relationship with Pres. David came about because of serving.

Pres Sisson talked about developing love while you serve. Nice wife meeting story. He suggested She could get to know him so she would know best which of her friends to set him up with.

A Returned Missionary spoke about serving the companion who hated him. It softened his heart. He had to get up early to make him breakfast, make his bed while he was in the shower and all sorts of kind acts of service. Eventually he started doin them back.

Sis Palmer spoke about the Polynesians in her Aussie ward. They did well planned service for their neighbours in groups of 30 from 6-7 am. Everyone knew exactly what to do. The neighbour provided the materials.

Pres Davis talked about. I forgot.

We got home around ten and realized the trailer was full of straw so we couldn't take it tomorrow morning to pick up the loom Corliss wanted to give me.

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