Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


We made it to the car in the rain without getting wet, and through the hills to District conference.

We had a lovely meeting with the temple president and matron. They called us distant workers together so they could thank us for our service. It was a very spiritual meeting. I'm grateful to be surrounded by such spiritual giants.

Willem and I listened to the April 2017 conference on the way home last. Ought then to and from district conference today. They are all about Jesus Christ. It's so nice to continue to learn more and more about Him and the plan of salvation.

We stopped at a boat launch and got out. We watched a blue heron, too. It's so nice to live in such s gorgeous place! Some of the ponds were drained. I guess the beavers were removed!

The sky is quite overcast here, but the yellow leaves are quite bright. I vacuumed up all the dead flies and have been sitting by the window updating my journal.

It was very windy here and the power even went out for a few minutes.

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