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I opened my eyes to a bright light in the ponds lane.

I wondered who was down there at this hour! It was completely dark out. Just that one light shining brightly. When I stood up and looked out the window, I realized it was not down by the ponds, but was the first light of morning. I was surprised how bright it was, considering everything around it was black.

Daniel chatted with me this morning! I was just waking up, so it took me a while before I put the video on. He has a wonderful set up. He's got his own place, where he can work, he's made lots of friends, and is enjoying the warmth, the jungle, the city life, the hustle and bustle.

I've been sitting by the window carding the last bit of Debbie's fleece. It's wonderful to have this fleece to work with. It's quite soft. I've made videos again this morning, and I am uploading them already.

I asked a question on Facebook. I asked where people know me from, YouTube or Facebook or Twitter. I drove the trailer of hay to Scarlett's house. She met me and unloaded it. I came back to the house, and felt like loading up another bunch while I had the trailer there. So I drove it over to her house and unloaded it, when I realize they were already gone to town.

I came home and Willem unhooked it for me. Then we went up to the. Top of three birches hillside, deer Meadow, and found a Baby Birch tree! I snapped the branches off, and put them in a bag of water. They were only short bits. We took them down to the gypsy Homestead, and stuck them in the ground around the edge of the yard. The yard is a shallow pond.

On our way back, I suggested we we look at the TP tripod laying on the ground in the parking lot. Willem and did the ropes, then helped me bring them near the sumac hill.

Using the technique Frank taught me, I showed Willem how to hook up a poll to the hook on the back of the car and drag it down to the pond. We moved five pools I think.

I think what with what we've got there now for the tripod, we can you wreck the TP. I think the other pools that are still up here are short. We have some very long poles that we've taken down there, five now I think.

I'm so glad we got that much done. It's a cold raw day, with a little bit of drizzle, but mostly it's just a cold raw day. I'm sitting in my happy spot but it's too cold so I'm not happy! Today it's my cold spot!

I blew the leaves off the deck partly while sitting, partly while standing. It's looking mostly leaf free now. Till the wind blows!

I'm sitting in front of the lovely warm fire in the woodstove.

I'm okay now. At first I wasn't cos it's cold outside and willem is gone with the car and I wore my body out today so I couldn't do anything outside.

I watched Once Upon a Time on Netflix while willem was away with the car.

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