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It's not even Wednesday anymore, as it's almost 1 AM on Thursday, but there is just the times when I feel like writing in my journal, and this is one of them.

Sometimes my first sentence has to be very long just to make sure that it is not separated from the rest of the text. When she put a period, it automatically creates an LG cut so you have to see more by clicking on the link.

I'm sitting outside on the deck. The stars are out by the millions. I think the brightest ones are over the pond. I had no idea that I would be able to see the stars in that direction with the leaves off the trees. It's been along time since we slept in the downstairs bedroom and lift up at the sky. Maybe we could never have seen it this way, the trees were probably too thick even without leaves.

The neighbours dog is barking as it hears me slightly in the distance. For a moment there was an owl hooting on the north side.

So today was a wonderful day. I just cited that Elijah would not get much sleep last night, with two children wake up so early, so I went over as soon as I could. I think I was there by eight.

On the way to her house, there were so many amazing views I had to stop and photograph them. I sent them to different people who I thought might appreciate them as much as I did.

I sent her back to bed and played with the children. I connected with Maya. I'd never really connected with her before, because I felt bad for Desmond. Everyone spent all their time focussed on Maya and he was so ignored, that I just wanted him to know that I had not been lost to him too. But he was engrossed in television so I was sitting in front of my hair while she was eating her yogurt. She held her bowl, and stirred it with a spoon. In fact, the bowl was too far away, so she lifted it up and put it on your chest and held it where she could stir it and then feed yourself. It was amazing how well she did with the spoon.

I played with Desmond. I love playing with him. I brought over a toy yesterday, a garage sort of. You can put two cars at the top and let them race down side-by-side and see who wins. So funny.

I got hot in the house, so I went outside with the children. It was fun. We went on an adventure. First we picked up leaves in the driveway and collected the ones that were colorful. Jasmine wanted to take the walker, but I thought we should have just the stroller. In the end, although it was harder to push the stroller in front of the Walker, I was glad to have the walker just sit on several times when we stopped. I let Maya out to play in the leaves once and to play in the stones another time. She had great fun running in the leaves with Desmond. But she didn't have any shoes. Of course, I couldn't let her get wet feet, so I had to be careful about where she was playing. We made it without her getting wet feet though. Desmond had a great time playing in the leaves.

Elijah slept till 11! I was so glad to see her get some sleep. She has a schedule to keep secret very late and then have to get up very early. I see her getting worn out and how much it stresses her. So I was so glad that I could finally be healthy enough to spend time with the children while she got all of her sleep. I guess being a mommy never ends.

It's fun to tell Jasmine that things that I taught mommy how to do. I taught mom how to use the spoon feed her self. I talked mommy I'll kinds of stuff that doesn't mean this learning. I'm trying to teach him how to tie a bow. Will have to work on is again.

I went to the grocery store while lied to get the children ready to go. I only had an hour, and hurried around, not taking my time and browsing in the grocery store. I have a list and a objective. I made it back in a half an hour. The only thing I hadn't gotten that was on the list was dyno oatmeal.

Scarlett was sitting at the table outside when I got home. Willem made an appointment to meet with the president see and left soon after I arrive. I am had thought of going for a walk around the moat, that my foot was beginning to hurt. Since Scarlett was here, I thought it would be wonderful to just hang out together.

They left about at sons down, after Bo had worked on the other side of the roof. So nice to see that side finally getting done!

I came outside after spending a lot of time inside watching once upon a time. I couldn't believe how many stars there were. Call of the wild always brings me outside. Sometimes I don't know why we have houses. Know that I have this humungous house. It's everything I ever dreamed of. The deck going all the way around, the balcony upstairs, the huge craft room with room for my blooms and spinning wheel and another living room. I'm sure blessed

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