Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


We had a wonderful time at the temple today.

We left home at 8:18. We stopped in tweed where I got a subway salad. We also stopped st an enroute for a hot chocolate. As usual, and especially on this lovely day. I enjoyed the views of the beaver dams and ponds and such.

It took us five hours to get to the temple. I realized that thickson road is an hour from the temple. I also took airport road and 427 n to keep from using the 407 toll road or the very busy 410.

I asked a sister for a card and she later was in sealings with me. It was very good to be in the holy temple again.

Willem and I did the session, then sat in the celestial room together. He arrived to prayer meeting first. I love those meetings.

I love being with all the sister temple workers. I spent my evenings in sealings. Bro Atkins the sealer, said it was the purpose of our existence from the beginning when we are taken from the intelligence and born into spirit bodies, destined to become as our heavenly parents. Earth life is in between there somewhere.

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