Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


The sun rises further to the east now.

Did I mention it never got up above the side window of the car?

So I walked to the bridge, sat and then crossed and looked and took photos and even climbed down to Sedge Meadow Tipi. Willem came to save me when I was in the berm. We walked across the north bridge to the moat and walked a bit. Wm moved the canoe out of the way for me.

The view of the pond has many less leaves. So nice to see the pond from the house. This was such an inviting. Yes as I walked past on my way to the bridge for the first time in over a year!I like my little display. This is across the road from the tipi. The stream in the other side of the bridge. I sat in sedge Meadow tipi. But the chairs leg collapsed.

Scarlett drove in to see me, so we went together to deliver hay to her farm. I showed her the new tipi structure that is up by the pond.

Our Tamarac trees are still doing well. I sat in the chair in the berm and enjoyed the area as I sat. Isn't this a lovely berm!Relaxing in the woods. Willem moved the canoe out of the way so we can access the Gypsy homestead. Russell the Mini horse.

Scarlett hung out on the deck with me for the afternoon. We had to go over to Judy's for a minute and went by to hug the grandchildren as I won't see them for several days.

I watched once upon a time while my laundry washed. I tried to do some packing. Make a list anyway and find a suitcase.

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