Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Monday in Wheaton Chicago

After going for a short walk with my walking sticks, I sat on the front porch and knitted while the family got ready for the day.

We drove through the neighbourhood to a healthy cafe for brunch, but since we were receiving a delivery, we couldn't stay and eat there. It was nice to be out where people were having a bite or working or visiting or having breakfast at the pretty little corner cafe. It is such a delightful place.

This generation is so different from mine. They order things from markets that are delivered to the house where they're going to be staying. It's a whole different world. I notice so many things that are different. There was never a time when people had computers that they worked on at home, laptops that they could take to cafes all over the world and sit and work while they have a snack.

The world of a working mother is a much different world than I grew up with. My mom was a secretary and always went to work, but never went on business trips. I went on business trips when I worked in Phoenix. I go on them regularly, actually. But I didn't have a family.

I've been sending Daddy pictures and videos of my grandson. I don't suppose he gets these updates too regularly! I love that they trust my driving enough for me to come along and be the driver. They are happy to give baby a wonderful educated childhood filled with interesting activities.

After brunch in our airbnb, it was nap time. I went for a walk with my sticks down along the woods-lined path alongside the rr track trail.

A white haired man sitting in a rocker in a hardware store set a good example for me. I went in and asked if I could sit too. So I did. We had a nice chat.

I walked further down the road. There was a religious bookstore. They had a ring that said 'purity'. I bought it to help remind me of what's most important.

Afterwards, I came back and heated up the front porch where I sat and knitted this pair of navy blue socks I've had on the go for a long time! There has been a lot of tangled in the yarn, but I'm knitting them away!

After grandbaby's nap we ate lunch, some arugula salad with tomatoes and sliced mozzarella from last night. Nanny plays so well with my grandson.

Then it was time to go to Kids world. He loved the Thomas train set on a table and didn't want to go home.

After picking up Mommy from work we ordered dinner from Panera bread. I thought they just sold bread!

Maya helped me fix the time on my iPhone and watch. We are in central time instead of eastern time.

It's been a job trying to stay awake today. Tonight mommy asked him who was his best friend and he said 'Gwamma'! What joy I am blessed to have in my posterity!

So with that thought, it's time to say goodnight!

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