Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Tuesday in Chicago

The drivers in the suburbs all drive the speed limit.

I know, a generalization. But driving Mommy to work at 7:30 the roads were already busy, and everyone was going the limit. Unlike at home. It's still raining. It always rains in Chicago?

Today we visit the aquarium.

We will also see if hobby lobby has birdhouse kits for daddy and grandson.

I saw a rock place on the way to work. He likes rocks. Abe loved rocks. He had quite the collection in his childhood.

I uploaded a video I made yesterday. I made another one in the car on the way home but I didn't pay too much attention, as I was driving.

It's so important that I keep track of what I did and when, just to help my memory recreate my day.

What a great time we had at the aquarium! I bought a mug and some rocks for grandson.

It took us three hours to get home from the aquarium. My phone had died and the cord didn't work, so we stopped in Hyde Park at a gas station where I bought one. When it turned on, we got off the town roads and followed the hospital to the expressway. There was an accident ahead so the gps sent us down the city streets.

I was born here. Chicago lying-in hospital. Lived in Hyde park on the south side. Very dangerous at that time. My dad went to school at the u of Chicago for his phd. Next door.

Mom would get a sitter and drive the 'loop' for a break. She'd come home to see her happy baby girls smiling, after waving as she left.

My dad took my mom to a game at Wriggly Field and got so mad at the players that he left. Forgetting Mom at the game!

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