Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Wednesday in Chicago

It's been a pretty busy day today driving grandson, nanny and mom to their respective locations.

I'm getting to know the way to mommy's work. It's pretty straightforward. I'm getting to know two main roads and two interstate highways. Of course, it's hard to get to know the interstate highways because what happens on them happen so quickly! I wish I had a paper map of Chicago!

So I drove grandson and nanny to a kids learning program after taking Mommy through traffic to work. They taught hands on for wee ones about leaves and autumn and the wind and pinwheels.

I went to the store pinwheels next-door and I bought a few little toys that I can play with him with. Eyes that fit over your fingers!

We had Chick-fil-A for lunch. I really love eating salads. Grandson took a long nap. I think two hours or more. He was so overtired. He could hardly stay awake all the time.

Last time he was in Chicago he made a little friend. So nanny contacted them and arranged for them to go to the same play group spot that we went to. They had fun playing. Grandson loves the riding toys and the Brea train sets. That's his favorite.

During naptime, I went to find some birdhouse kits for daddy and grandson to put together at home. They will have fun with these. I also found a wooden dolphin who's body moves. It's a very interesting design, the way the body is made of slices that we go both ways. That should be a fun toy to play with.

Afterwards, I looked for a place to go for a walk in nature. I found a little river and a pond near the interstate. I asked in the neighbourhood if there was public access. Finally I found a good spot to park and walk in through a little path in the woods. A fisherman sat on his cooler fishing at the end of it, so I walked up the road till I found a mown path that sided the pond. White egrets stood in the waters edge.

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