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Thursday in chicago

I'm at Northside Park, walking around on a pathway that people are jogging and walking on.

A man was asleep on the dock.

We took grandson to a small zoo, after a breakfast of fruit and almond milk andQuinoa and eggs. I bought a mug from Blackberry Market where we ate several times this week in Wheaton near where we are staying. Naturally. Sorry Scarlett!

I needed the rest. They have gone home to have a nap after lunch. I needed to get out and just be in nature and relax. I've done so much driving in the city. It takes its toll.

This afternoon we are going to the art museum and other things in downtown Chicago. I don't think we're gonna leave the house until three after grandson's nap. I am quite concerned that my phone doesn't die, but that I have enough battery to always check where we are and have our GPS working.

I get flustered sometimes, driving people who are used to being driven by bus drivers or cabs by people who know exactly what they're doing.

Since I don't know the area, or even at times have any idea of where I'm going or what the landmarks are, I feel stressed.

I have to remember to stop and breathe deeply and relax. Today is yoga back home. I am ready to sit and stretch.

This morning I took the rather stressful I-355 and the I-88 toll interstates as usual, to mommy's work and dropped her off. I wanted to have a look at the pond she said was nearby, but I thought I'd better get home in case they were ready to go for breakfast.

However, when I got home, they were still sleeping for about an hour. I'm glad grandson is getting more sleep than he has been all week. He's got a pretty grueli g schedule!

So I lay on the couch and went through all the pictures I took yesterday for my walk and uploadedthem to Instagram before deleting them. I edited them so they looked even better. I do like taking nature pictures. Anybody that knows me, knows that!

My sunglasses are too dark even though they are rose colored, so I didn't wear them outside here. I don't like to wear sunglasses when I'm exploring nature. When I'm driving and the sun is in my eyes and is extremely bright like it was yesterday, then I need my glasses. I wore my hat while we went to the little zoo this morning, but it is too windy to do that now. So the sun is in my eyes and the wind is blowing my hair. It's quite chilly, too. 14c. It was 3 this morning.

I was able to have a phone call with Mary, while walking this wide cement trail around the pond, which is so nice. She's one of the stable people in my life. She knows me better than anyone else in the whole world!

When I'm in contact with her, I'm OK, everything is right with the world. We are surely sisters, even though we are cousins.

My foot has been hurting a bit today. My ankle. Perhaps from my walk yesterday, or perhaps from the stairs or anything. I haven't been using my walker in the house at all, so that might be adding to it.

I miss the deep woods. I don't know if there is a deep Woods around here. I'd like to stop at the dollar store and get a holder for my cell phone so that I can see it easily while I'm driving into Chicago this afternoon. I'm a bit worried about the amount of traffic we will encounter, as we are going to go in at three. I think if it were me, I would go to Chicago add a different time, but since mommy is working late tonight, we will be staying in downtown Chicago until about eight tonight. I wonder how grandson will do was such a long day out. Last time we went to Chicago downtown, it took three hours to get home on a 1 Hour Dr., partly because we were heading to home and then it was time to pick up mommy, so I went that way, and then she phoned and said she was working late, so I turned around and continued home. I should've followed nannies first impulse to just go straight home.

I don't have the stamina and energy I used to have, I guess. But I love spending time with my grandson. He's getting to know me a little bit. That's good, since I will be in his life for his whole life.

This morning we went to a zoo. It was near where we are staying. It was not really very much of a zoo, but it had bobcats and some birds, and some farm animals, and ducks of many varieties. It was nice to see a red headed duck and a hooded merganser.

As he is 22 months old, he was more interested in driving his school bus on the rope and the rope railing along the pathway through the zoo, than looking at some of the animals. I think he had a good time though.

We went into Chicago at 3 and headed to the top of the third highest building in Chicago. The road went under the towers! Miles of being beneath the buildings. It felt like being in an unfinished basement. I was glad when we came up for air. The gps didn't work anymore down there. Naturally I made a wrong turn.

We went up to the observation restaurant. I want to figure out all these pictures with google earth!

It was so cool driving among these tall giants. It was such an awesome experience driving along the north lakeshore drive to take Nanny to the Athenium theatre. She's so brave to go out alone at night in Chicago. She'll take the Metra home to Wheaton later.

I drove home with grandson, navigating all those highways! Mommy wasn't home yet, so we phoned Daddy so they could see each other.

Baby lives playing with Mommy. She plays frog chasing him and all sorts of things. He had me go into the closets in the basement and sit down. Mommy is so devoted to him! It's all play when they are together!

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