Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Friday flying day

It's been such a good week being a driver for my sons family this week in Wheaton, Illinois which is a northwest suburb of Chicago where I've wormed in my into my little toddler grandson's life while he was being cared for by his devoted nanny or governess who teaches him English in the morning and a second language in the afternoon so he will be bilingual.

I am so glad my foot and back have been mostly good this week. Nanny has been planning our daily activities.

We never made it to the art institute or the children's museum but we went to Cosley zoo, kids world, kids learning science, Shedd aquarium, the John Hancock building skyview restaurant. The best view is from the ladies room.

We stayed in a furnished house for sale. They rent it as an airbnb, a bed and breakfast of sorts. The finished lovely basement smells mouldy. They have a tall wide vase of coffee beans looking innocently decorative to absorb the smell, likely to trick prospective buyers into buying it.

Grandson loved playing hide and seek with me and nanny and mommy in all all the lovely closets in there!

Today I have to decide what to wear on the flight home. It's often cool the warm on a plane. Layers are good. I always dress in layers.

After following the GPS to downtown instead of ohare, I had to recalculate and was 28 minutes away! I enjoyed driving around in downtown Vhivago among all the tall buildings.

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