Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


We heard some awesome talks at church, the stages of friendship are acquaintance, coordination, share feelings, share needs. That was very interesting in seeing the relationships I have with many people.

We home taught visit taught and then afterwards went over to the Lee's. We didn't head home till eight! They kept feeding us awesome stuff! Chocolate cake and ice cream, popcorn, dinner! We had a great Sunday afternoon visit!

I wove on my yellow warp. I've used that warp for a very long time! It was amazing to be able to walk up there and to weavevwithout pain! I love the motions my body goes when I weave!

I watched some Netflix in the cozy spot in the back kitchen. I put the table to the side. I like it better like that!

I want to put the trash cans somewhere else.

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