Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


I went to yoga and stopped on the way at a pull off on the double s curve.

I sat and looked at that very interesting terrain.

Yoga was difficult for me. I felt flabby and huge. Probably a truth moment.

I was glad when it was over, focusing on how my body felt was kinda icky, cos I felt kinda icky. Ick.

After yoga I scooted home and arrived before Deb.

I sat in front of the woodstove to inspect the bricks I was going to replace. Then replaced them. They were so worn they were half their usual thickness.

The door rope fall off at my slightest pull, do I cleaned the trench and put in the cement and then put the new gasket in the pink goo and pressed it all into the trench. It was tough to close the door but I did it. I was amazed at how few minutes it took me to do that! I later was amazed at how warm the house is now! We are baking ourselves out!

I had forgotten the plan. Luckily she hadn't. So we went over to Mera and joined up with the weavers. It was nice to have Deb with me. She's such a good friend. I've known her for about 15 years I think.

My relationships are not deep ones at Mera. They aren't superficial, but I think I could be a better friend than I am. I look like such a gypsy, though, you know! I know it puts some people off and endears others!

Deb taught us a great lesson. She's done lots of reasearch and some experimenting, then taught us how to wax cloth to make Eco friendly food wraps. We used cotton fabric, grated beeswax, an iron and parchment paper.

We didn't get to keep any, as they will make money for mera in the Christmas sale coming up soon.

Deb and I went to the dump them I hopped over to Willem's car and said goodbye.

I found a couple of toys for the grandchildren, some to stay here and some to trade for others.

Willem went to the grocery store and then to institute. I watched Netflix and hung out upstairs in our cozy bedroom and chatted with Mary. It was nice to feel cozy in there! I miss hanging out in there!

I also searched for an address for our Chicago home. 1156 East 56th Street. I looked it up on google earth!

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