Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today


I sat and walked outside on the deck for awhile, then went to town to replace my broken laptop cord.

I also did a major grocery shop. It was nice to stock up on groceries again!

I looked like such a gypsy!

I came home and was glad to go for a walk on the deck after I'd recovered from my journey to town and all about in the grocery store. It was hard work. The first time for that one since I broke my foot.

Scarlett joined us for lunch. I had this great lentil brown rice and quinoa with onions and carrots. It was quite yummy. I had spinach dip on it.

I went for a walk around the moat, sat once and came back up. It was windy and cold.

The tiny birch cuttings are budding out. I don't know if that means they have rooted. I hope so!

I came back up through the valley. It was nice to do that. First time since the broken ankle. The studio is coming along. I should get busy helping with that!

Willem and I went to town for another cord, then came home. I liked taking a walk earlier. I went around the deck a few more times.

Willem and I watched several episodes of The Five. It's kinda dark. If I were in there in my yellow that would really brighten the place up!

I sanded one of the cedar poles and hung all three of them up in the family room. It looks nice now. I like it. I like having sociable chairs in here too.

It's 3 am. Time to go to sleep!

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