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I made plans with abe to pick him up today at 4, after the finances seminar this afternoon, but instead went to the moat to get a broken chair and to drop off a piece of cardboard for the lower gardens and then over to the kids'.

I went to the dump with my dear lovely friend, then showed her some of my favourite roads and went to a favourite restaurant.

We had such a nice visit. I'm so glad she lives nearby. I look forward to chillin at her place in the evenings or wintertime. I love hearing her ideas and then watching them come to pass. Her ideas are always so good! I've watched her succeed like the goose who bore the golden eggs. Really nice outcomes.

Car trouble in the family bumped picking up Abe on time. I felt so bad because I don't want to send him the wrong message. Anyway, he got a ride partway so I headed off to pick him up after sunset sometime.

I really needed to listen to conference, so he listened to his music and I absorbed the spirit of conference. It's amazing how quickly I get worldly.

Before I went away, I'd been so carried away in the spirit, but never knew it! I've missed being in the temple. My choices in movies hasn't been as good. I've also missed three days of my celexa a couple of days ago.

So I can feel I'm having a harder time studying and praying. I've been pretty snappy with Willem, too. In my head a lot. Seeing it is the first step to changing it!

Ive been moody this evening. I've been pretty busy this week and have spread myself very thin. It was hard to journal I was so busy. It rained all week, or most of it. I saw a flake the other day. Serious business, that!

It's been a great two weeks, one with my sons family in Wheaton, and this one with helping my daughter sleep by playing with the grandchildren and stopping in on my other daughters family. Then today I picked up my other son. I love my family. They have always been the most important people in my life. I guess that's been why I never got involved with a lot of mera stuff late in the day, I had my family and husband to be with. I do love when they are home.

I got myself into a bad mood and it's so hard to shake it.

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