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I took the leftover black pvc pipes down to the moat to help the water run across it.

The big pipe is missing, the culvert that was alongside the pond lane is gone.

The paddleboat needs emptying and pulling it onto the lane and tipping upside down for the winter. I bailed it out on one corner, hoping to sit there and bail the other side as well. Bouncing it is a bad idea. It made part of the road wash out! Shhhh, don't tell! The sun shone on the tamaracks for just a minute before the world went dim again! Then it started to rain gently--misty droplettes. The waterfall is roaring again. It sounds so loud! So I stopped in the watery entranceway with my canes and left my walker.

No chance of seeing any bear prints in the mud anymore! That's under two decimetres!

I was amazed at how bright I look compared to the dark and dreary waste around me! This dull autumn weather diminishes my love of the season as it slides into winter.

The house looks good from down here! The missing trees looks like an avalanche gash. It's so nice to see the siding all finally done! It's been a few years of construction going on!

I was getting drizzled on. So I headed back out to the moat and wondered if that had been an otter I'd seen yesterday by the inner edge of the wide full moat. I'd seen the water bately covering its arching back. I sent out an sos for willem to come pick me up, but he was asleep. It was nice to spend time in nature, even if it was pretty.

I went down a lane in the forest to pick up a friend to give a lift to town. I had some time so I took breakfast over to my sick family. Broke my heart to just hand it in to Desmond and tell him why I could not come in because they had the flu. Pour souls!

I took my time going home, stopping to take photos in the road through the woods. Lots of hunt camps down those roads!

Can you find the ruffed grouse?I love how the stream judy appears and runs over the road. This is such a lovely spot! Total wilderness!I counted 14 trumpeter swans in the back on mud pond. I saw a couple of mottled grey brown immature swans! Nice to see them multiplying like this! I've never seen this many in the pond before, usually only about six or so and on the other side. I went to the doctor with willem driving me so he could go pick up our friend after he was done at the hospital.

The nurse practitioner asked me about my medication and the hoops people have to go through to get it.

I took wm home then went to sit and wait for my friend. I took him home, then checked to see if it was okay if I come over to spin when willem goes out. I didn't feel like being home alone when wonderful family was so nearby.

It was a good time to come over.

So wm dropped me off and picked me up later. I liked working on plying the yarn I have spun over the while. It was fun being with them in their cozy home.

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