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We have done a lot of nice stuff today, but now my back is useless!

Time to sit and watch the fire!

Willem and I went took a walk to the bridge and sat, then around the moat and sat and discussed the water level. The sky was amazing, dark blue with quickly moving wispy clouds.

Then we headed up to the house. No pain from it! What a miracle to be able to walk so far again!

When we got back, the day was so nice that I wanted to work on my birch grove I'm planning. So Wm and I walked across and harvested some birch twigs and I planted them by shoving them into wildflower Hillside.

Can you see the moat and island in its midst?This is fiddlehead pond on the left and the moat on the right. That's all of Fiddlehead Pond from above.

I drove back down to the moat at the Marsh woods and sat in my chair pondering the paddleboats precarious situation before I sat in and bailed it out. But try though I might I could only move the paddleboat a few feet, if that.

willem came down and met me again. He worked hard at it and we moved the boat completely out of the water and turned over so it could drain.

We pulled three poles down to the new pondside tipi.

Willem and Sil got the rototiller started and put away. So relieved. Then wm trolleyed the other one up and got it into the trailer to take to the fixit shoppe.

I harvested gaillardia seeds and planted them on the hillside, the roadside and down along the moat road.

We pulled three poles from along the lane, down to the pond parking lot. Willem put them up and then I helped with the fabric cover. It's not on well, but it will be okay till we tie it on. Maybe.

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