Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Wednesday bought car

We went into Ottawa to an Iraqi auto shop and test drove one we preferred of the three matrixes he had.

So we bought it. I trust these dealers. They aren't as capitalistic and greedy as the big dealerships. It's a 2007 Toyota Matrix for $4250. After tax it's $5000. It's a good solid Toyota.

But this morning I went for a walk to Timely Rest, across the upper horseshoe island bridge and found the chair had water in it. Not ice like yesterday on the chairs around the moat. I sat and looked st Gypsy Homestead Reflecting Pond for awhile, then decided Willem needed me.

This was on the south side of Serenity Dippity Pond.

I went back up to the house, all this time using only one pole. My body felt good. So he came with me to tidy up the tipi area at fiddlehead pond. On the way I thought we should check to see if the kids were stranded. They weren't, so we came home and worked on the life jackets and such. Then when we got the all clear, we headed off to Ottawa. I didn't think we'd find anything, but we stopped to pray about it, for quite some time and felt confident we would find the car we would buy, today.

We test drove it. It was nice. The steering wheel had been cleaned and felt...whatever. The car cleaner was pretty strong. So he's going to clean the headlights and get it plated. Willem added it to our insurance.

We stopped at Home Depot and got the light Jason needed for outside the studio door and the sheet of metal sil wanted for closing in the ends of the soffits.

I like using these carts when I may not make it all the way around the store!

Willem drove us home into the sunset.

It's cool out, and I feel good so much is tidied up here and down at the waterland. I've got laundry to work on too.

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